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  • Published August 2, 2012
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Dog hygiene is incredibly important. It is our responsibility to make sure that our dogs are taken care of on many levels. So, gather all of your dog grooming supplies and get to work. They aren't going to clean themselves like cats would. Either take your dog to the groomer or do it yourself.

Needed Supplies

You are going to need numerous supplies to make sure that your dog is looking its best. This includes shampoo, brushes, and trimmers.

What you are going to need to remember is that they make shampoos specifically for animals. You do not want to use your shampoo on your dog. With all of the fragrances and extra ingredients, they may dry out your dog's skin and no one wants that.

If your dog has skin issues, there are options out there for you. You can find shampoos that are made especially for your dog. Many of them are made out of oatmeal and lavender. There are recipes that can also be found on the internet, if you would rather have control over what goes on your dog's skin. There are options that come pre-made, too. You will be able to find the best as long as you look into the products that are organically made.

There are shampoos that are made for various coats, ages, and goals in mind. Just like with regular human shampoo, you do have your options.


Many people do not consider this, because they take their dogs out often and sidewalks tend to sand down their nails. However, this is not the case for many animals and you need to make sure that they have their nails trimmed. When they get too long, it causes a lot of pain. There is no need for that. You also need to be considerate enough to know where to stop trimming. Do not go anywhere near their quick, because they could end up bleeding and being in a lot of pain. No one likes a sad dog!

Fur brushes

Dogs have various coat lengths just like humans do and you are going to need to find the best dog brush. You also need to remember to not be too rough with the brushes, because if the brush is strictly wire, you may end up hurting them. Dependent upon your dog's coat, you should be able to find the best brush to help them when they are shedding and to keep it from tangling and matting.


When you have all of your dog grooming supplies, you should be able to keep up with your puppy's hygiene needs. If it isn't for you, that's what people pay dog groomers for.

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