Dr Eric Amidi on the Power of Positive Thoughts


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  • Published August 4, 2012
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If you consulted Dr Eric Amidi about what his perspective are on the magic of positive thought he would inform you that resourceful thinking can and will transform your whole life. He would say to you that by driving the harmful thoughts from your psyche you are opening your mind up to all the resourceful and fruitful things life has to offer.

Dr Eric Amidi would state that in order for you to completely mend from any illness you had to first trust you were able to be healed. A person who is convinced they are dying, even a person who has nothing physiologically wrong with them, can lay on the bed and die, from nothing.

Dr Eric Amidi will let you know that sick people in severe condition in hospitals all over the world, when they are reinforced with positive reinforcements from friend, and family, and when they maintain a positive mental attitude during their sickness, they not only endure longer than the physicians anticipate them to, but they also experience less pain than patients who are low-spirited, or surrounded by depressed people.

He would recommend you that practicing positive thinking will cost you absolutely nothing, and it could possibly change your life. You may be thinking that you are not ill, but the power of positive thinking does not only apply to those of us who are hurting from an illness or malady.

He wants you to know that the power of positive thinking can transform everything about your life. If you are solitary and downhearted, Dr. Eric Amidi, wants you to know that acting in resourceful ways and cleansing your brain of the negative thoughts will make other people to be attracted to you just like a moth to a light.

What else may Dr. Eric Amidi, tell you about the power of positive thinking? He states that when we behave in positive manner about anything, like about us getting the dream occupation we have always desired, we can envision ourselves in that dream job. When we are able to see ourselves in the profession, we manifest that imagery out into the world, and the powers that be will help us to live the reality of the image we visualized.

This idea is well worth trying since it does not cost you a anything, and no matter whether it works or fails you will not be harmed during this practice.

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