Hungarian Vizsla - The Biggest Change In Life


  • Author Ellen Schmidt
  • Published October 1, 2012
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The Hungarian Vizsla is a hunting, pointing and retrieving dog breed which is extraordinary intelligent and easy to train, good with children, other pets and even with cats.

This is the official description of this rare breed you can read everywhere about. The truth is, if you decide to adopt a new Vizsla puppy you will see very soon just how life changing this new member of your family will be!

These dogs are very intelligent, which shows in the ease of learning and training: after even only a few repetitions of a simple task with correct timing of a positive reward, they will do everything for you.

The downside of this is that they need this kind of mental stimulation every day, as otherwise they become easily bored and start to destruct and chew objects and furniture or develop signs of neurosis.

Magyar Vizslas, as they are named in Hungary, their country of origin, are very energetic dogs. This means they need more than the 20 minutes round the block: they need space where they are able to run, bounce around, retrieve something for you and much more.

Vizsla owners can tell you: You will walk a lot. And this means really a lot. You will probably spend most of your spare time outdoors with your dog, no matter what the weather forecast says. It doesn't matter at all if you've just completed your daily 5k walk, your dog won't necessarily want to lie down and take a nap for a few hours, no, he or she could actually just continue to run its next 10k instead.

If you don't mind to get fit, if you aren't sad to give up a mostly sedentary life style, this is certainly the breed to consider.

This dog breed is also called the "Velcro" dog, as it is going to be very attached to his or her human. Adopting a Hungarian Vizsla will get you a very close friend for life.

If you fancy this rare breed take the above described points into consideration and only if you really think you can meet all of your dog's needs, get one. You can be sure that your life won't be anymore the same as it has been before.

Dr Ellen is a veterinary practitioner and owner of a Hungarian Vizsla. Her website is all about pet health, natural pain relief, frontline, and so much more.

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