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  • Published November 18, 2012
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When you get sick, you go to the best doctor who can make you heal or recover from your illness. You should apply the same thing to your best friend, your dog. You will be obliged to find the veterinary doctor that can provide the right medication to your pet in case it gets sick. But since the veterinary clinics are not as many as the ordinary hospitals for humans, it may be difficult to find a pet doctor. You might have difficulty in finding the reliable vet clinic and a doctor who is equipped with good training.

What would be the best animal hospital? This medical facility should be able to afford the pet a complete excellent medical and veterinary health services. Even if the hospital is well equipped with facilities and amenities, the capability of the attending doctor is very paramount. He should be able to easily diagnose any problem with the animal. This could be done through adequate physical examinations. This procedure is also a way of finding the necessary preventive medicines which can be primarily in the form of immunizations.

Physical examination may start from visual inspection of the animal. This will provide the doctor an initial assessment of the condition of the animal, whether it is a wellness or an illness evaluation. Next to the visual inspection is the implementation of different tests which is usually done when the pet is sick. A good veterinary clinic should have all the facilities to provide the tests and examinations.

Among the important laboratory facilities are the X-ray equipments. Through this, you can detect serious damages or fractures to the bones of the animal. As in the case of human beings, the X-ray will enable the doctor to diagnose emergency situations pertaining to the pets.

Young dogs and other pets need preventive medications and they would need regular vaccinations. The clinic or the doctor should be able to administer the necessary vaccinations at any scheduled time.

In the event the clinic is not equipped with all the necessary equipments, it should have affiliation with other animal hospitals where your pet can be admitted in case of severe illness. You can never discount the possibility that your pet would need hospitalization due to illness. There are animals that would need blood transfusion or intravenous medication. Not all clinics would be able to provide this treatment thus the need for hospital affiliation is very essential. The pet owner will know where to take his pet in emergency cases.

A good doctor should be willing and able to provide counseling to the pet owners. In the treatment of illness or health care for the animal, the doctor should involve the pet owner. The counseling will include advices on nutritional needs of the animal. Your duties as pet owners are not only about feeding and providing shelter to the animal. You will also need to take your dog for leisure walks in order to provide them with necessary exercise. Dogs especially the younger ones are like children who love to play and you should be able to provide your pet with this. Do you have time to indulge in playing with your pet?

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