Caring For Your Dog-Helpful Tips


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  • Published December 13, 2014
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Follow these tips and advice to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Have your dog vaccinated against rabies.

Don't let your dog roam around without a leash. This endangers your dog and increases the chances of getting hit by a car or hurt by another animal. On your property make sure your dog is secured and cannot escape or roam around the neighborhood.

Have your dog wear a collar and attach ID tags with your contact information on it in case your dog does get loose or lost. Consider installing a microchip.

Make sure your dog is getting the proper nutrition and water. Don't under or over feed. Your dogs eating habits and nutritional needs will change as they age so make sure you make the proper adjustments. Puppies need more feedings throughout the day than a one year old dog. A one year old and older only require one meal a day. Larger dogs sometimes bloat so break up their meals into two smaller ones if that is the case.

Take your dog to a Vet for checkups and the proper advice on feeding, grooming, rabies, flea & tick treatments, etc.

Give your Pet enough exercise, they need it also. It will burn calories, stimulate their minds, avoid boredom and helps to prevent destructive behavior. Walks and play time with toys is a great way to bond with your dog and keep the both of you healthy.

Keep your dog clean and brush to help prevent shedding. Use grooming time to check for abnormalities on their skin or body.

When carrying dogs never pick them up by the back of their neck, tail or legs. Always place your hands under the chest and rump, support from underneath.

Most of these things are common sense but we need to be reminded to do these things. All of these tips are important and should not be put off or forgotten. Our dogs are animals but when it comes to their health and well being we need to treat them as if they were our child.

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