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  • Published March 5, 2015
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Acid Reflux or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) has become a significant problem for approximately 61 Million people in the United States alone, many more worldwide.

Most of those who suffer from this condition attempt t relieve the pain and burning symptoms by taking proton-pump inhibiting pharmaceuticals like Prevacid or Prilosec. These drugs are good for suppressing the formation of stomach acid. However, they fail to prevent the backwash of harsh stomach contents like Bile, Digestive Enzymes, and Acid Food Particles into the extremely delicate Esophageal lining. The result of continued exposure of stomach contents to the Esophageal lining is a recipe for a potential development of Esophageal Cancer.

The link between Acid Reflux (Heartburn), Esophageal Reflux, and Esophageal Cancer is significant. People who have experienced GERD symptoms for extended periods of time have 44 times the risk of developing Esophageal Cancer . Approximately 15,500 people will die from this condition this year. The incidence of Adenocarcinoma (Malignant Tumor) of the Esophagus has seen a significant increase in recent years. A common theory among researchers, is the significant rise in obesity is causing an increase in Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus.

A new strategy has been discovered to prevent the backwash of stomach contents into the esophagus. This can be accomplished by chewing on tablets composed of Marine Alginate and Bicarbonate (Raft-Forming Alginate). A person can physically block the backwash of acid or other stomach contents into the delicate Esophageal area. This has the potential to significantly reduce the risk for Esophageal Cancer.

This process produces a temporary physical obstruction that blocks the contents of the stomach from backing up into the Esophageal area. As the Alginate mixture expands in the stomach, it absorbs excess acid and forms a pH-Neutral obstruction resulting in a reduction of Reflux activity.

The Mechanics Of The Process

One part of the mixture, Alginic Acid, is a powder which contains natural long chain Carbohydrate Molecules stemming from Brown Seaweed. Upon contact with the acid in the stomach, a thick gel is formed. When the second part of the mixture, Potassium Bicarbonate, comes in contact with the stomach acids, it produces Carbon Dioxide bubbles that become trapped in the gel. The expanding bubbles cause the gel to transform into a floating foam that rests on top of the contents of the stomach like a raft.

The addition of Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate interact with the soft foam producing a seal around the perimeter of the raft. Extensive research has confirmed the fact that people who suffer from Acid Reflux show positive results when the raft slides up into the Esophageal area creating a barrier which prevents stomach acids from being driven up into the Esophageal area.

To make things even better, the addition of Carbonate and Bicarbonate to the mix helps to neutralize stomach acidity.

Acid Reflux has become a major irritant to a significant percentage of the population. In its basic state, it can cause serious discomfort but in its more advanced state it can lead to Esophageal Cancer.

For years, mainstream medicine operated on the simple premise that using ant-acids to reduce the acid levels in the stomach would control the symptoms and subsequently control the potential for the development of Esophageal Cancer. Several issues make that approach seriously impractical. First of all, those over the counter and prescription drugs contain Aluminum and come with an array unacceptable side effects. And to top it off, drug ant-acids do not have the ability to prevent reflux damage to the Larynx (Voice Box).

When choosing a holistic approach to Acid Reflux, an intelligent choice would be the supplement Esophageal Guardian from Life Extension. It follows the formula I have discussed in this article.

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