Enneagram Type 4: Creativity is your hidden treasure


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Do you like to create something different and unique from others? So, people will give lots of compliments for your creative ideas. If the answer is yes, then I am sure you belong to enneagram type 4. Enneagram type 4 is a kind of personality where your image is like this- "I am different. I’m not like you."

Fours virtue is artistry

You always tend to create a unique identity of yourself which makes different from others. This tendency helps to create something new and artistic. You always love to make everything lively, extraordinary, authentic and aesthetic. Also expect congrats from the others for these creative and artistry works.

Feel different from others

Usually, you want to be individualistic and take different steps to make sure that you are different from the rest of the human beings. You always concern about how the image is presented to the world and try to find out whether the image can proof your uniqueness to others or not. You are very much aware of own deficiencies and differences.

Fear of having no unique identity

You always want to build up a distinct identity of yourself and want to be praised from your surroundings. When you fail to achieve this goal become fearful, thinking that you will have no personal identity in this world. To assure a unique identity, you take many steps and create a puzzling situation. After a certain time, when get failed to gain something valuable, you allow the feelings to overwhelm in wild fantasy.

Spiritual thinking of Enneagram type 4

In spiritual thinking, enneagram 4 like to be materialistic. The purpose of fours spiritual thinking is to find the real source and create actual meaning of an event. You can accomplish spiritual growth in yourself when you will be able to control excess negative feelings by creative nature. If you deal only with positive thinking, will be able to lead a peaceful life.

Fours instinctual variant

As a sexual four, you desire personal success, intimate relationship and overall vitality of your partners. Generally, you prefer to deal these activities with your own romanticism and real emotions.

As a social four, you want to imitate the social success of others and like to use money and labor in line with the socially successful people. You also keep your careful eyes on the success of others and try to gain same success for yourself.

As a self-preservation four, you favor to lead the life with physical safety and comfort. You apply own practical and financial knowledge to ensure the orderly flow of comfortable life both in home and workplace.

Health levels of type fours

In healthy levels, fours are ingenious in creative and artistic work and able to create something more valuable. They are also aware of inner feelings and notion. Fours try to be honest in work and word. They don't want to conceal highly personal and potentially disgraceful matters within themselves. So in some extent, it becomes easy to overcome many painful experiences.

In average levels, enneagram 4 create an artistic climate so that they can easily lengthen their intimate feelings. They make a fact stronger with their personal imagination and want to keep in touch with feelings and deny to be spontaneous. Gradually, fours start to think that they are different from others and become introverted, arrogant, self-absorbed, and highly sensitive.

In unhealthy levels, when fours fail to make a dream live, become completely separated from others and unable to do any job. Gradually this tendency accelerates them to be self-destructive and to involve with drug or commit to suicide.

Differences of Characteristics with wings

When Enneagram 4 with 3 wing, it becomes a conflictual personality since you have the fear of exposure in some extent where three desire to be focused. In 4w3, you are not much more rational. Moreover, like to express personal feelings explicitly. But in balanced 4w3, you find calmness in life.

When Enneagram 4 with 5 wing, you feel emotionally heavy because of getting high appreciations of creative works. But you don’t like to express this feeling as you think that it can’t be understood by anyone. If you are balanced 4w5, can get rid of the difficulty, otherwise you will sink into an extreme depression.

Transfigure fours negative towards positive

You can lead a superior life by alternating your negative feelings into positive ones. If you do not pay so much attention to the negative feelings, can easily turn back to a steady life. Actually these feelings are not a proper source to get support in your life. To get true support in hard time, you should involve with a disciplined life. Try to do all the work for your own satisfaction. Whatever you do, people may find out some negative issues. So just ignore them and go ahead. The crown of success will be yours.

Famous type fours

You can find lots of famous persons who belong to enneagram type 4 personality like as Jackie Onassis, Jeremy Irons, Bob Dylan, Anne Rice, Angelina Jolie, Edgar Allen Poe, Judy Garland, Vincent Van Gogh, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Janis Joplin and many more.

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