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K9 units or dog units are glorified in movies. If you have watched any action movie or series recently where a dangerous and vicious criminal is the on the run from the police, you may have spotted a K9 unit on the chase. As spectacular and intriguing as those chases are, that is not all there is to dog units. You don’t really have to be in the middle of a chase between the police and a fugitive to see dog units in action. In fact, you can have a dog unit at your service if you are struggling to protect the perimeters of your home or workplace.

A lot of people will come up to you and tell you that using dogs to secure your boundaries is too elaborate and old fashioned. This is because people are gradually turning their attention away from man’s best friend and placing their trust in technology. There is no denying the fact that technology has a huge role to play in the private security industry today and in the future. However, you cannot possibly forget how useful guard dogs and their handlers are. The presence of a dog unit can make a world of a difference when it comes to safeguarding your life and assets from criminal attacks.

It is okay for you to doubt the effectiveness and legitimacy of a dog unit. A lot of people are not familiar with the concept of using dogs to ward off criminal threats. Then again, there are those who are concerned about safety issues associated with a dog unit. "What if the handler loses control and the dog breaks free?" is one of the many questions that make people overlook perks of hiring a dog unit. If you are in the same boat, then here are pieces of information about dog units that will change your mind.

  1. Dog Units are Exceptionally Well Trained

"Safety comes first" is the motto of every exemplary dog unit. Unlike a lot of so called modern security systems, K9 units will not compromise your security under any circumstances. The people who are appointed as dog handlers are not ordinary men and women who simply have an affinity for dogs. Believe it or not, dog handlers are actually recruited from law enforcement agencies and from the military. State of the art private security companies look to hire former police or army officers who have had years of training and experience handling guard dogs. This is not a job that can be left to the hands of an amateur. Handling guard dogs is an extremely difficult task that requires a great degree of skill.

It is not only the dog handlers who are trained. The guard dog themselves undergo rigorous training regimes as well. While the dog handlers are trained to exercise unwavering control over the guard dogs, the canines are trained to be obedient and faithful to their handlers at all times. This incredibly high level of training allows the man and the animal to develop the chemistry required to form a formidable security team. If you do not believe it, then simply talk to a dog handler (provided that you are not scared of the dog he or she is toting around). They will tell you all about the unbelievable amount of work that they and their dogs have put in to deter crime.

  1. Dog Units Prevent Crimes from a Mile Away

You may have heard security personnel talk about how they can scare away criminals from a mile away. In the case of a dog unit, this is literally true. Statistics suggest that criminals, even the most violent released inmates, are fearful of guard dogs. In other words, if you were a burglar or a robber who was trying to break in to a store, house or an office, then you would most probably change your mind upon seeing a dog unit from a mile away.

The dogs in K9 units are specifically trained to be very hostile to criminals. Since they are completely obedient to their dog handlers, they will not pose any threat to you or people around you. These dogs have a particular taste for criminals. With the assistance of their dog handlers, these guard dogs are able to spot criminals and track them down even before the crime is committed.

There is no better crime deterrent than a dog unit. If you buy a security system, it can only make you aware of the presence of a criminal. It cannot literally chase away a criminal now, can’t it? But a guard dog is born to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, so that they do not even think about robbing or vandalizing your house.

  1. Dog Units Are Cost Effective

If you want static guards to offer you the same level of protection that a dog unit does, then you would need to hire at least five to six different static guards. Hiring that many static guards would drain a lot of money out of your pockets, something that you surely do not want to see happen under the current economic circumstances. Even if you hire six guards, they would not be able to frighten away criminals and deter crime like a dog unit would.

Dog units are thus the smarter choice, because they are evidently more cost effective. With a dog unit, you are paying an affordable price for state of the art security.

The combination of a single dog handler with a single guard dog is a strong enough security team to let you reside in your home or work in your office without the fear of being attacked by deadly criminals.

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