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Increasing the speed of your training is another form of increasing intensity, but again one must use the method intelligently. Make your rest periods progressively when getting ready for a major event. Since muscle that is worked hard takes a considerable time to recover fully, you should not train the same body parts every day. Training frequency, like schedules, sets, reps, and intensity will and must vary with your training aims, and recovery ability.

One of the most workable systems for adding muscle size is the every other day split. For the benefit of the uninitiated, the every other day split involves splitting your workout schedule roughly in half. Perform the first half on one day, and then rest completely (no training) the following day. The day after that, perform the second half of your routine. The following day, rest from all training. In other words you do half your routine every other day, and you never work out two days in a row. Increasing the duration, intensity, and frequency of your workout will ultimately arrive at a sticking point. The every other day split may be for you.

There are not enough machines to care of a bodybuilders needs. You have to use free weights (barbells, dumbbells. and pulleys), if only for the needed variety. It just so happens that free weights are terrific for maximizing muscle size. Bear in mind, too, that most bodybuilders do use some machines to supplement their weight workouts. Variety is the spice of life, and possible success.

Your mental attitude must never be less than 100 percent positive. Your success strategy must, unfortunately, incorporate selfishness. Relatives, friends, spouses, and lovers must come to understand that workouts are something that you simply must not miss. It may be difficult for them to understand, but that's the championship path. In addition, you must learn to see yourself as a bodybuilding success. You must maintain your positive attitude in every rep of every set of every workout. Concentrate on every exercise with all the dedication you can muster.

Your routine must be built from need. You may want to do two or three exercises for a stubborn body part but only one "carry along" exercise for an easy growing area. At the least, the number of exercises you slot into your routine must be adequate to server your basic growth needs. At most, they must stimulate growth without leading to staleness.

In a sense the weight you use in an exercise is totally irrelevant. After all, your muscles can't "see" whether you are holding a 20-pound dumbbell or a 50-pounder. Some "cheat artists" can bounce-hoist huge poundage's, yet couldn't lift half the weight if they used the correct, strict exercise style. One important difference between the bodybuilder who wins titles and the one who tries but fails is that the pro uses barbells as tools for gaining muscles, not as weights that have to be heaved.

It is not a good idea to perform exercises randomly. Group body parts together so that one area is fully pumped before moving on to another area. Perform heavy (demanding) exercises early on ion the routine while you are full of energy.

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