Exploring the Causes of Dog Bites


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If a dog bites an individual, many people end up blaming the dog. However, the dog does not have any means of compensating the victim. Because of this, people often have to go after the dog’s owner with the help of a dog bite lawyer to get compensated for their injuries.

Dog bites are a huge problem today. More than 4.5 million people are bit by dogs each year. Many result in the individual needing medical treatment. At times, the injuries might go so far as to require reconstructive surgery or hospitalization. Mail carriers and children tend to be the main targets. Because of the epidemic, municipal ordinances and state laws are cracking down on all of these dangerous incidents. In some areas, dog owners are held liable for the actions of their dog. This means that the victim does not have to prove that the owner of the dog was negligent or that they knew about how vicious their dog was to begin with.

When you know why bites occur in the first place, you can help prevent them from happening. If prevention is not an option, it will help point out those individuals who are responsible and should be held legally responsible for the claim.

--- Common Reasons Why Dog Bites Occur ---

There are a number of reasons why dogs bite. Biting is often because of something going on in their environment. Some of the common causes are outlined below:

  • Fear – Many dogs bite out of fear. If they feel threatened by someone they do not know, another animal on their property or a trespasser, they will end up attacking to keep themselves safe.

  • Protection – Oftentimes, dogs are trained to protect their property. They become territorial. This can end up emerging when it gets triggered. Dogs also bite to protect puppies and their masters. They can feel territorial over their food. If they think someone is coming after their food, they might attack.

  • Sickness – At times, a dog might bite because they are sick. They become irritable and snap.

--- Preventing a Dog Bite ---

There are various steps that you can take to prevent a dog bite from occurring. Some of those are:

  • Avoiding any unfamiliar dogs. If you are not familiar with a dog, you should not assume it is friendly or attempt to approach it. Even a nice dog could end up lashing out on you if it is scared or territorial. Children need to let an adult know if they see a dog wandering around the neighborhood to make sure no one gets injured.

  • Avoid disrupting the dog. You can avoid being injured by leaving the dog alone. If a dog is eating, do not bother it. Avoid messing with the animal’s environment as well. Just like children, dogs like consistency and routines. Animals should never be messed with when they are eating, watching over their puppies or sleeping.

  • Avoid antagonizing the dog. You should never antagonize a dog. This includes such things as shoving the dog, hitting it or hurting it in general. Anyone who owns a dog or who is playing with the dog should not encourage them to play aggressively. In many instances, this is a valid defense for a dog owner to get out of paying if the other person antagonized the dog and that caused the animal to bite.

  • Confronting the dog. If a dog is acting menacing but has not attacked yet, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent the dog from attacking you in the first place. Do not make any sudden moves. Do not run from the dog. Avoid making any loud noises. The last thing you want to do is panic. You should also avoid making eye contact with the animal. Avoid taking an aggressive stance or any other type of action that could appear aggressive to the animal.

--- Get Legal Assistance ---

Even though you might do everything in your power to avoid being attacked by the dog, there are always going to be times when someone gets bit. Not only can this be terrifying, but it can also be frustrating as well. It becomes even worse when it is a child who is attacked by the dog. However, you cannot blame the dog alone for their actions. Dogs do not just bite because they want to. They often bite because something in their temperament was triggered that caused them to act out.

If you were injured by a dog, you need to hire a dog bite attorney who can help you figure out what steps to take next. The lawyer will walk you through everything you can claim in your personal injury case and what you cannot. Do not hire just any lawyer. Hire an attorney who has dealt with cases like yours in the past. This will save you a lot of time and hassles along the way in making sure you get the compensation you deserve. There are a lot of things that you can claim in a dog bite case that you might not be aware of in the first place. This is why it is so important to have someone with experience working on your case.

As frustrating as it might be to deal with being attacked by a dog, there are things that you can do to make sure you are compensated fairly. Hang in there and follow the proper protocols to get everything you deserve and more.

Dog attacks can leave serious injuries and high medical bills. Speak with a dog bite lawyer today and get help from an aggressive Phoenix injury lawyer

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