The Muslims in India are Blackmailing The Indian Majority in the Name of Cow Slaughter.

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  • Author Babu Banik
  • Published September 2, 2016
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The Muslims are never happy anywhere in the world and more so in Islamic countries. They always find out innovative ways to invent stories of atrocities on them and start destabilizing wherever they are in minority.

Throughout the world Muslims never place country before the religion, it's always I am Muslim first then I am Indian or Iranian or whatever but for the rest of Indians Its I am Indian first then a Sikh or a Hindu or whatever and this is the underlying worrying part for a diverse nation like us, to have people around us whose loyalty is more for their faith than the country and this is always dangerous. In India in fact they are vetoing Hindu development.

There is a reservation for Muslims in India but the majority of India's poor committing suicides in Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh are poor Hindus yet being Hindu they receive no reservation. They are not given a chance to seek salvation through visiting Char-Dham at state expenses on the contrary when they attempt with their own hard earned money they are halted at the drop of a hat. It has nowadays become an annual event so there is no hue and cry. Even During extreme emergencies Haz is never delayed and its heavily subsidized.

Haz according to me not at all important as if it is so important according to their faith and if it is accepted that a true Muslim should conduct Haj at least once in his lifetime, then why is it that I never find a mention of any of our great Muslim Nawabs and Rulers from Tipu Sultan the Great, Akbar The greater, Aurangzeb the greatest etc and none of the other great rulers of India has ever conducted Haj. What should be my ideal take on this fact? that they were not Muslims or Haj is not so Important in Islam?

There is a cry of intolerance from the likes of Amir khan and some others but do they realise that if they were to conduct their business from other liberal countries like The Calipahate, Iran, Saudi etc they would be now hiding or dead already.

There is a lot of shout against the beef ban. Now Muslims to destabilise the atmosphere cry that Islam is under threat. In fact as Hindus believe in respecting other's religious sentiments. This also one major reason for banning cow laughter in India and not for reasons the media and Carnivorous group of men vying for the last blood drop of a cow are putting forward.

In Hades Muhammad the prophet described and advised his followers to not eat beef as it is also referred to as poison by Muhammed Himself. Beef is not a food of Muslims anywhere in the world, nowhere in the Muslim countries beef is a food. Arabs don't eat it, pathans don't eat it, Pakistani's don't eat it, Turk's don't eat it,Iranians don't eat beef, Iraqis don't,.

Now which Muslims started eating this in direct disobedience to the Hades? It's the Muslim Nawabs of Central India who were then ruling a Hindu Majority Kingdom started this custom of eating beef as a symbol of humiliation, control and power over the Hindus. It was akin to showing the majority Hindus his proper place.

To insult the majority Hindus and show brute power they started eating beef, This helped in creating an atmosphere of fear and felicitated their rule. In fact the word 'Bara-Gost' generally is referred to Beef was coined in by native resident of Pakistan and as they never ate beef used it in a derogatory parlance to refer to the Mohajirs that went from Central India Thinking Pakistan would be heaven.

In fact it's the Muslims who should come forward and fight for a Beef ban and not otherwise.

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