Top 5 Best Hunting Dog Breeds


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  • Published February 1, 2017
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When it comes to finding your four legged hunting partner, it can be hard at times cause there are so many different breeds of dogs out there. There are dog breeds that can just hunt one animal or others that can hunt multiple animals. Here is a list of the top dog breeds to help you find the right one for you.

  1. Labrador Retriever

Most retriever breeds make a wonderful hunting dog and the Labrador might just be the ultimate hunting dog. They have bundles of energy, a nice cold-weather coat meant for the long days outdoors and they will go to great lengths to retrieve your kill. They are known to be the best duck hunting dog and they can also be used for any type of small game. Labs come in all different colors, black, yellow, chocolate, white, red and silver. People say that one color of labs is better for certain kind of hunting but if you train them well enough they are going to perform just the way you like. Labs also make great family pets as well.

  1. Pointer

The Pointer is known as the Cadillac of bird dogs, prized for it's speed, ability to go all day in the field, stand steady to wing and shot, which means the pointer holds it's position as birds rise into the sky and guns go off and their personable nature. They are very easy to train, along with their intelligence and prey driven. The Pointer also makes for a loving family pet as their energy lets them play with the children all day and alert nature makes them excellent watchdogs.

  1. Coonhound

If you are looking for a hunting dog that will go with you through all conditions and terrain types, this might be the companion for you. Their noses are always to the ground sniffing out their primarily prey, which is the raccoon but also the mountain lions, bears, deer and other game. The Coonhound will bark up when his quarry is treed. They have the ability to pick up and follow an old trail, no matter how faint. They have a lot of energy, prey driven, intelligent, tendency to bark or howl a lot and general are healthy.

  1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever (nicknamed the Chessie)

They were originated as a water dog used to hunt and retrieve ducks in the chilly chop of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. It's sturdy build, dense coat, stamina and strength made them ideal. They have excellent noses but can have stubborn streaks. Chessies are friendly, outgoing and obedient, although they have a mind of their own. Between the Chessie's strength and smarts, they can easily overpower an unprepared owner. Chessies often has an excellent rapport with children, but they don't tolerate abuse from the children and will likely get up and leave the situation if possible.

  1. American Foxhound

The American Foxhound was bred with the purpose of hunting foxes and are still very much up to that task. They will pretty much chase down anything you tell them to. They like the company of other dogs but can be a single companion dog if you're committed to giving them the exercise they need. The Foxhound is musical and they are described as having a bell-like voices and their baying can carry for miles. So if you don't like a barking dog, Foxhounds are probably not going to work for you.

Depending on what you are going to be hunting, all these dogs are perfect for the hunt. Just remember you need to put in the training to make them what you need them to be. Without the training they are just another dog living with you.

Michelle Harolds is an avid outdoors woman. She enjoys hunting and fishing while listening to nature wake up for the day. She enjoys sharing her passion with the world and helps run a website selling hunting clothes and gear. Browse their selection now!

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