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  • Author Sue Moore
  • Published February 12, 2017
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Taking your furry friend camping is so much fun. You can enjoy each other as well as enjoying family and friends. Nature is such a peaceful environment.

We have had a summer campsite for over 20 years. Our first dog got to enjoy the friendships of many other pets as well as lots of human friends for 16 years. He absolutely loved going and come Friday, he knew before I started packing where he was going. Our permanent spot made it much easier to pack since everything was pretty much already there.

He would jump in the vehicle and sit and wait until we were loaded and out the driveway. The trip was around a 45 minute drive and he could not wait till we got there. As we would get closer he would begin looking out the window and getting more and more excited. He could tell how close we were by the landmarks along the way.

Once there he could hardly wait until we were unloaded and away we went. He enjoyed visiting all his friends and family every weekend. Since he was a Mountain Treeing Feist he was always hunting squirrel along with many other wildlife critters. Keeping him on a lease was a struggle but for his safety it was a must.

Here are a few safety suggestions when taking your own dog camping. As I mentioned, always use a leash and watch the surroundings when going into the woods.It is always a good idea to carry a backpack with essential items, such as flea and tick repellent, snacks for training, and extra items in case your hike ends of being longer than planned.

Another topic would be to always clean up after your dog no matter if you are hiking or just relaxing at your campsite. Carrying doggie bags should become a habit.

Another topic would be getting a lease that is long enough to stretch from one area to another. like from tree to tree. That way your doggie can run and get exercise, however, do not leave him unattended as the leash could get tangled and cause him harm.

And lastly I leave you with one of my favorite topics and that is the enjoyable campfire. Please make sure your furry friend is safe and not too close to cause harm. My doggie loved the campfires and would just sit on my lap and enjoy the moment.

Now, take your furry friend camping and ENJOY what nature has provided for us. Relax and enjoy this special time with your doggy or doggies. They will love you for it.

I am Sue Moore and an avid dog lover.I enjoy writing fun articles for everyone to read and hopefully teaching you some new ideas and safety tips for your furry pet.You may visit my website for more information at

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