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  • Published March 2, 2017
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The future of American law enforcement accountability has arrived with the launch of a new website capable of truly altering the balance of power in the streets. The Police Tracking and Misconduct Complaint Reporting System utilizes technology similar to that used by law enforcement to track citizens, but instead turns the tables by allowing citizens to track them instead. Anyone can login with their Facebook account or sign up for a free membership to expose the truth about police officers, prosecutors, judges, and snitches without fear of censorship.

As an ex-con recently released from a federal penitentiary, the founder of Cop Blaster knows firsthand that the greatest threat to liberty in America is not terrorism or some foreign power. It is the Federal Government of the United States, more specifically, those that swear to protect and defend the Constitution domestically, but do the opposite. Those offenders are police officers, prosecutors, judges, and the snitches that enable them to kill, kidnap, steal, and harass in the name of injustice.

Starting with those responsible for his persecution, the founder of Cop Blaster has begun aggregating names, pictures, addresses, and other information hoping to lead by example. Persecuted for what? Creating a series of websites that received a lot of media scrutiny in 2012 for allowing people to anonymously post complaints about people. When sentenced to federal prison for sending a threatening email to someone that began stalking him over the websites he was ordered not to run them or any site that involves content removal while on supervision. That condition does not prohibit building new sites that do not remove content, so Cop Blaster will not remove content from the site for any reason and those seeking to remove content will be told to petition the judge to strike the conditions.

Not just a revenge site. Cop Blaster has dedicated considerable time to exposing wrongs done to others that he met while behind bars and believes that such stories further demonstrate why Cop Blaster is necessary. Stories such as an inmate dying due to medical neglect, a federal judge that denied a defendant the right to tell his true whereabouts to the jury because they were considered classified by the U.S. Army, and an illegal immigrant that was wrongfully shot by a former Seattle Police Officer of the Year.

The founder of Cop Blaster has chosen to host his site overseas to thwart any future attempt by the United States to take it down and has configured it to continue running should he be re-incarcerated at an upcoming violation hearing. Cop Blaster was ordered to participate in computer monitoring after his computer ban was lifted for being unconstitutional. Cop Blaster installed the monitoring software as required, but had to disable it after two computers were brought to their knees by outdated and misbehaving programs. Now US Probation is trying to get his old ban re-instated and bury the truth about the monitoring software company.

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Cop Blaster: Police Tracking and Misconduct Complaint System

Cop Blaster is the latest online service dedicated to empowering people to hold their persecutors accountable with the truth. Report Police Misconduct Today.

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