What causes depression and how can you cope with it?


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  • Published November 9, 2017
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How many of you know of someone who has depression or has depression themselves? My mom has depression and you can tell when she is having her rough days and her good days. Every day I wonder what it must be like for her and millions of other people around the world who are also dealing with depression.

So, what causes someone to have depression? According to the World Health Organization depression results from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors. Did you know that genetics can play a role in getting depression? For example since my mom has depression me or any of my other siblings could inherit depression too. Also if you have cardiovascular disease, your changing hormone levels, and ongoing substance abuse can intensify depression, if not give rise to it. Hundreds of diseases, medications, and street drugs can affect a person’s mood. Chronic or excessive stress can also cause depression.

So with all that said the exact reason that depression is caused is unclear it could involve a combination of factors. But continuing on about stress related depression. Some stress related factors linked to depression may include parental divorce or separation, the death of a loved one, abuse, a serious accident, illness, or a learning disability—especially if a you feel rejected as a result. A related factor could be if your parents have unrealistically high expectations for example if they want you to go to the highest college and get the highest degree possible.Other possible causes are bullying, uncertainty about the future, emotional estrangement by a depressed parent, and parental unpredictability.

In Healthy Living Lindsay Holmes says 1. 350,000,000 people have been affected by some form of depression 2. 11% of people have a depressive disorder by age 18 3. The percentage by which women are more likely than men to experience depression in their lifetime is 70% 4. 160,000 had at least one major depressive episode in 2012 that’s 6.9 percent of adults in this country 5. 14% of pregnant women in a 2013 postpartum depression study had the disorder 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth 6. 30% of college students have reported feeling depressed 7. The annual cost of depression in the US due to lost productivity and health care is $80,000,000,000 8. 50% of Americans with major depression do not seek treatment. But now that we got through all the scary stuff how can someone cope with depression.

In the article How I can Deal with Depression it says that Moderate to severe depression can usually treated with medication and counseling by a mental-health professional. If you suffer from depression you need to take steps to care for your physical and mental health. For example, you need to eat wholesome healthy meals, get sufficient sleep and exercise regularly like doing yoga. When you exercise your body releases chemicals that can lift your mood, increase your energy, and improve your sleep. Also a supportive network of close family members and friends may help you to cope more effectively with your depression, possibly reducing symptoms. Another good way to deal with depression is by making a first-aid kit for your emotions. Your kit should include contact information of people to call when you feel down, favorite songs that are positive and up building, inspirational sayings and encouraging articles, mementos to remind you of people who love you, a journal containing your positive thoughts as well as positive experiences you have enjoyed.

You don’t have to suffer with depression alone your friends, family and doctors are there to help you, so be willing to make the steps to getting better and feeling more like yourself.

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