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Sports gathering in the society are relevant because they help people associate in different ways. Relationships are of great help plus they are helpful. Study shows that, in our social setting, the one to one human connection defines the foundation of development. Sports gathering helps build relationships with individuals who are from different cultures. It is true that most different cultures assists in developing various communities which are powerful enough in achieving social growth and relation goals. A society that lacks relationships of people develops challenges of development because everyone concentrates on personal benefit something that is a threat towards a community setting growth, (Glazer, 2000).

Whether a person wants to ensure that children are able to get and access good education, promote economic development, or bring quality health care activities, it is essential for a person to work with people who are from different ethnic, language, economic group, and different racial. Sports gathering give people power and opportunity to work with people who are from different social groups and in an effective strategy. Study shows that trusting relationships in a social setting are the main glue that helps people stay together hence work in a common approach. Sports gathering provides a community growth forum where people are tempted to stay and work on challenges they have. Hanging together in the society assists people support each other when they are down. When a person is supported, it becomes possible to create a setting that favors personal development plus growth perspectives. Sports gathering bring people close irrespective of the educational background with a common motive of making the environment a suitable place that assists the community to live and stay in harmony, (Banks, 2007).

There are instances where a person feels difficulties in relating with people from other backgrounds. Sports gathering helps establish relationships with anyone who seems to change your life in a positive direction. It is clear that every one of us in the society like to operate in a hub of a wheel that provides positive results. Study shows that sports gathering allows people build friendships and relationships around the community which gives ability and necessary strength to achieve community goals. If we build a network of strong and diverse relationships, it is possible to create an environment that solves challenges that are common. Humans are supposed to be aware of personal culture in order to learn about other cultures. Sports gathering helps build relationships with people around us and with such a move, it allows engage in development activities that could not have been met in a personal level, (Takaki, 2011).

There are different definitions of culture where culture is a complex component human live in and makes developments. Sports gathering helps establish a culture something that refers to a community or social group with which we share common experiences under which we shape the way we understand the world. In most cases, people have managed to learn about others through the use of sports gathering activities. If we want to know about other cultures, it is essential to know more about your culture although this may seem odd. Having understood what and how your culture has affected you in the first hand, it becomes easier to understand how it affects your neighbors plus anyone else who associates with your surroundings. Sports gathering have played an important role in assisting people talk about their own culture and as a result, they get the ability to listen to others. This helps understand how to relate with each other and assists establish an environment that is free from discriminations in the society. Culture changes and evolves at all times. Some people are a mixture of more than one culture thus they need to create an environment that serves them with what they need to survive in different cultures, (Banks, 2007).

Through sports gathering, humans manage to establish social awareness to the society something that helps shape their growing up environment. Many generations ago, your ancestors were doing things that are different from what we are doing in the today’s life. Our views and needs towards social issues, celebrations, disease and health, work, and family are different from those of our ancestors. Sports gathering helps people come up with solutions on how to manage their challenges plus create an environment that is better living. Although there are different social groups that make our society, these groups are not far different for they have similarities and things that we share in common. These are key contributing factors that influence how we behave deal, and handle others when sharing living needs. It is through becoming aware of your different identities help people understand what it might be like to be a member of a given social group, (Glazer, 2000).


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