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  • Published March 31, 2018
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Once you have content online, traffic is a must in order to make sales.

People have to see your content or there's no way they'll be able to click on your affiliate links.

If you followed the steps in the training I sent you then you already have a Pinterest profile and are starting to make it work for you.

However, there's MORE you can do with this incredibly effective, free, traffic source.

Studies have shown that people in Pinterest are more likely to buy something they see on Pinterest than those on Facebook or Twitter. Buyers are our target audience which is why Pinterest is perfect for Amazon Associates.

You can't put your affiliate links on Pinterest but, as you learned you can still use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site.

So far, this strategy you've been following has had you rely on Google for traffic to your content - either Google traffic that found the link to your post in search results or Google traffic that found your Pinterest board ranking in search results.

However, relying on one traffic source is risky - especially when that source is Google.

What if the competition for your keyword heats up and you find your content getting lost amidst the heavy hitters? What if Google (again) changes their ranking algorithm and you lose your spot in search results?

Don't think that can't happen - anyone who was building an online business a couple of years ago will remember Google's Penguin update and how it shook up the search engine results (especially for affiliate marketers).

You don't want to just give up on your content when things like that happen. You already did all the work. That content is an asset you own. Successful people put their assets to work for them!.

By building up a following on Pinterest you can use Pinterest to refer even more traffic to your site. Like the other social sites, if you share something on Pinterest and the people who are following you like what you've shared, they're going to further share it with their own followers. Share something really eye-catching and you'll haveinstant new traffic.

But, you have to build up followers on Pinterest first. This isn't hard to do but so many people do it incorrectly.

They use tools that are against Pinterest's terms or they buy followers (which will always be a bunch of junk profiles that won't do you any good), or they follow anyone at all without strategically gaining followers who are real consumers truly interested in the products you're sharing.

I developed a strategy to quickly grow the right kind of followers on Pinterest. I call it PinPlosion.

On that page you'll be able to read what others have had to say about the strategy - it's quite popular and very effective.

Consider the time spent building a following on Pinterest as a form of business insurance. Not only can you get more traffic now but you're insuring that you have another source for traffic should something happen in Google. You can't lose.

If you're ready to get more traffic to your content outside of relying on Google, add this strategy to your toolbox!


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