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  • Author Kathy Chadwick
  • Published June 19, 2018
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Hello there my name is Kathy,

I want to tell you about an amazing system I cam across,

but before I do that I would like you to know about me.

I have a had a lot of struggles trying to find a work from home job.

I have done a lot of referrals, offers, phone apps that pay,

games that pay out just to be scammed. But I truly believe in

this system I have.

The name of the company is called Lead Lightening its a great system

that can generate leads to your business, but also you can promote

your business as well into the system that is provided for you. With

Lead Lightening you can work when you want,whenever you want,to be with your family

to have that financial freedom you deserve. If you love spending time

with your loved ones I would advice you to join our team.

The best thing about Lead Lightening is, you are not having to sell

products, no home parties, no interviews, no one sending you money

to send somewhere, no social security number provided, no one telling

you what to do and how to do it. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!! That sounds

great doesn't it? Well let me tell you about what your job requirement

are and what exactly you would be doing to get that income you deserve.

Lead Lightening is simply a copy and paste system where you would send

prewritten scripts to peoples phone numbers and there emails that are

provided in the company. No cold calling required you just text them the

scripts, sounds easy?

As a member there are different ways that can help you achieve the income

that you are looking for. We have tons and tons of training videos in

the business to help you along the way. We also have a hangouts chat

to help you with any questions that you might have about the training.

And last we give you a face book group to where you will always have support.

We get paid every two weeks I know that sounds like a long time to wait, but

ounce you see results in that time you will be glad you had to wait. Now a lot

of you are probably asking How much for the system, because how I see it you cant

make money without spending money. So for a one time price of just $7 no monthly

fee unless you feel you would like to upgrade. Yes I said $7 and it for life no

strings attached.

If you are interested in becoming someone that want to make a change in there life

and who wants to be able to stay at home with there family, then this is the job for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at 817-523-8256 or email me at

I hope to see you become a part of the team.

In Regards Kathy c

if you are interested please contact me thank you

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