Give people mansions because they can breathe, and because they can count to 10

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  • Author Thomas Cullen
  • Published July 26, 2018
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I don’t exactly believe in mansions. Mansions are nothing more than the effect of miscalculated management and government. If people were much better at co-ordinating with other people, mansions along with nationalism and skyscrapers wouldn’t come to pass. However, since mansions have come to pass, and since enough mansions have come to pass that the idea of just demolishing all mansions seems somewhat over-the-top, I think I may have come up with a reasonable compromise.

More mansions can be built, but are built and are given to people on the purse basis that they can read and write (or better yet, on the pure unadulterated basis that they can count to 10). As far as the status quo goes, people already have mansions (or numerous mansions, knowing some people) because of nothing: I hardly see why movies and tv shows should be why people have mansions, or why politics and boardrooms should be why. Indeed, mansions can be kept, and even more can be built, but people should be allowed to possess and use mansions simply because of their basic ability to comprehend – to add more insult to injury, the endgame of many movies and tv shows is the basic ability to comprehend.

In practical terms, I can see why giving mansions to all people is difficult: there isn’t the land mass to enable such a distribution. However, come the point when space travel is more the routine, and the point that people can live on other planets, I honestly don’t see why on earth there should be any contrived and concocted opposition to the argument (of course, I’m aware enough of the depravity and insidious nature of right-wing politics to know to expect bullshit counter-arguments regardless of the logic of the original argument).

Nevertheless, I still stand by my point: mansions don’t have to go, but if they are retained then it’s essential that people have mansions for the right reasons – the right reason being nothing more convoluted and complex than they basic ability to think and live.

In the meantime, I also think it would be worthwhile that all people in Mexico have their own statue, for no reason other than their basic ability to breathe and live.

Would like all planets to go to war with the Iraq War, over the right to be a mother or father to the actress Talitha Bateman

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