Hiring a professional to install my dog fence vs. DIY?


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  • Published July 8, 2019
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Professional dog fences are generally the highest-quality dog fence products you can buy. The products that dog fence pros sell typically include features and warranties that do-it-yourself dog fences don’t. For example pro installation fences:

Use premium grade wire not found in stores

Better quality transmitter and receiver electronics

Collars are smaller, lighter, have adjustable settings and last longer

Installation equipment digs deeper with minimal damage to grass/driveway

Lifetime system support for equipment and training

Pro-installed dog fences also come with professional dog training to help ensure that you and your pet both have a good experience.

The reason professional installers can offer containment guarantees is that they understand the tips and tricks that make dog fences work for almost any dog, regardless of temperament. If you are uncertain in your ability to install your fence and train your dog correctly, the peace of mind that a containment guarantee offers can be worth the price of a pro installer.


Dog is timid of yard because of improper training

Constant wire breaks

Dog running through the fence due to inexperienced training methods

Replacement parts are hard to find

Difficult to find/fix a problem (from landscaping, gardening, weather related issues)

DIY systems are hard to diagnose because they don’t have indicators to identify a problem

Products break a lot because they are poor quality


If you decide to hire a professional to install your invisible dog fence, make sure to ask the following questions to ensure you get a good deal:

What is the overall cost of the dog fence? Make sure to include annual battery costs as you compare costs across companies. E-Fence Pros has a rechargeable collar so there are no battery costs.

Do you offer a containment guarantee? A professional dog fence installer should offer a money back guarantee if they can’t contain your pet.

How will you install the wire? A pro installer should bury your wire at least 1 – 6 inches underground, including where the wire crosses driveways and sidewalks. Unless you have unusual requirements, beware of an installer that suggests stapling the wire to your fence or to the ground.

What training support do you include? You should expect at least two weeks of training. Some companies only offer limited training (pay per session). E-Fence Pros offers unlimited training that is included in the cost of the fence.

Who will help train my pet? The trainer should have at least one year of experience training dogs to understand an electronic fence. E-Fence Pros has over 20 years of pet training experience.

If you have any questions about a professionally installed fence or training, go to www.electricfencepros.com for more information.

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