Five Important Safety Measures for Working in Heights


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  • Published July 17, 2019
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The scope of the construction industry has many sectors and for somebody looking to build a career, there are many common challenges that surface during the process of training and execution. In construction, working in heights is common and elevated places often cause discomfort for many. This is one such drawback that with more and more worker facing difficulties in working in higher elevations hampers the uninhibited workflow of the business or project. Geda hoists in the UK are used extensively especially in the arena of construction that requires access training and efficiency in order to utilize its functions to the fullest by maintaining every practical safety measure. Working in heights uses many different machines that carry products, materials, and even workers reducing physical labour to a certain extent.

The courses teaching basic and advanced efficiency levels of working in heights do not only highlight the functional services of the machinery in use, but safety controls and measures form tow of the most important aspects of the training. For instance, cherry picker training or a ladder hoist hire in the UK will not just abide by the utilitarian points of the machine but also incorporate safety tips in order to perform the procedural work without any life and product risk. The importance of these measures becomes more conspicuous with labourers working in heights with more confidence and professionalism. Even for a business owner, maintaining safety for his employees is always the priority and his infrastructure should be built that way

Using railings

Passive protection, in other words, railings is the easiest and most affordable measures to imbibe safety. Making the railing high that cannot be easily crossed over even during an accident will help in curbing many unfortunate incidents. Depending on the structural category of your construction site, choose the ideal railing type to safeguard your workers from any possibility of risks.

Using proper harness

Measures include the use of a proper full-bodied harness that abides by global safety standards. It might sound like an investment at first but it is worth every penny. The functionality and advantages with the various features of such arrest systems not only stops accidental falls but also their fireproof materials contribute to the safety of the worker during a fire incident. These harnesses are usually comfortable with fitting customizability available for each worker.

Using Proper Height mediators

Height mediators are nothing but ladders, hoists, cherry pickers, and lifts among others that help in carrying a product or the worker to reach a certain vertical point. Now making sure that all of these intermediate equipment are in good functional conditions without the danger of any discrepancy is important. It is advisable to test them out before using them in the mainstream workflow of the project. A faulty ladder or a hoist might turn fatal if an uninvited external impact is faced. Evaluation and requirement control is very important and then choosing the right kind of equipment will also add to the overall safety.

Using Lifts properly

The use and regular operation of lifts in a construction site make its functional accuracy all the more important. Make sure that the foundational anchor is strong enough to bear the weight. Lifts come in various categorizations and working mechanisms but all of them should tick off all the safety standards.


One of the most important points that need the most stress is that every constructional or any other sector for that matter should organize regular training solely dedicated to the training of the labourers working in heights. It is indispensable by law for every project to conduct mandatory training. This is an indirect safety measure as every individual should also develop a sense of safety in order to help themselves or their peers during an emergency with their unadulterated information of protection, measures, and assistance.

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