Why You Should Know Your Bloodline

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  • Published September 7, 2019
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Why A Bloodline Cannot Be Changed Outside God

When a person who has been in the enemy’s lineage has been saved, it does not matter whether he was once of the enemy. What matters is that he is now of the Lord’s sheep pen. If a person who has not been in the Lord’s sheep pen expects to avoid the cunningness of the enemy, he is deceived! The enemy is his own father, he cannot out trick him! If he could, he would have been as cunning as his father. There is no one that the Lord has made who can out trick the enemy apart from the Lord Himself! All other attempts at beating his cunningness outside the Lord’s will are in vain. What is the Lord’s will concerning people who have constantly rejected the Lord yet they are of the Lord’s bloodline? Such people are destined for hell! When they reach hell, they are the ones that are the most active because they still have their birthright in hell! They usually give while on earth and that is the reason why they have chances to make it to heaven. What is the difference between a bloodline and a birthright?

A bloodline cannot be stolen whilst a birthright can be stolen by the enemy or by a man. When a birthright is stolen, the rightful owner can get it back through the Lord. A bloodline is blood that is either from the Lord or from the serpent. There is no other bloodline on earth apart from those two. Both bloodlines have birthrights, the birthrights of the Lord’s bloodline are always coveted by the enemy because he knows the worth of the Lord’s bloodline. The bloodline of the enemy is the one we may covet because the riches attached to it are most pronounced. It, however, comes with hidden curses attached to it as well.

Why A Person Of The Lord's Bloodline Is Always In Disagreement With A Person Of The Enemy's Bloodline

A person who has the enemy's bloodline is always antagonistic to the Lord. If the Lord says tarry! He will say, it is time to move! If the Lord says go! He will say it is time to stop! A person who has been in God's presence is always in disagreement with anyone who is of the enemy's bloodline. A person who is of the enemy's bloodline is highly susceptible to being exposed if he is a wolf in sheep clothing among God's people. It means that if he is practicing falsehood among God's people, he will be exposed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Anyone who has a bishop in his environment and is an agent of the enemy will be exposed by God. If you are of the enemy's bloodline, do not attempt to deceive people that you are of God. A person who has been exposed by God as being an agent of the enemy is usually not supposed to stay among God's people. He is not supposed to be involved with people who have God. A person who is of the enemy's bloodline is cursed to distance himself from God and everything that God is including his people!

Why An Agent Of The Enemy Should Not Conceal His Sins

If a person exposes himself as an agent of the enemy, God will give him the grace to live among His people. If he decides to continue concealing his sin, God will raise up a bishop to expose him and excommunicate him from among His people. A person who has been called an agent of the enemy by God is a person who has cooperated with the enemy to solve a problem that could not be solved by God because it required either restitution or disposing of either cursed property or relationships that are not in God's will. If a person who is an agent of the enemy declines to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the enemy will usually offer a solution that fits within what he has to offer. An offer from the enemy will always appear to be easier and attractive at the beginning but will become unbearable with time.

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