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  • Published February 19, 2020
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A dog is considered as man's best friend since they make such a good partnership. The initial challenge is always arriving at the ultimate decision of picking an ideal pet. People have different selection criteria as they embark on a search to find a dog that matches a particular personality. Some pet owners' decisions are influenced by their past experiences with certain dog breeds. It might be a daunting task if you lack a wishlist or guideline to help you pick the ideal pet. Undoubtedly, there are a number of factors to consider when picking a pooch and this article aims at shedding some light.

Let us look at a number of factors you need to consider when choosing the right dog.


People go through a lot of trouble to land on the ideal pet and financing is one of them. Pet owners who want rare or pure breeds have to part with a good amount of money. You need to look at the affordability of a certain breed dog so that you check whether it's within your budget range. Motive and purpose may influence the dog's price. For example, if you want a dog for security reasons you should be prepared to pay more since such dogs have gone through special training and feeding programs. Getting a pet adds to your list of responsibilities which implies that you can cater to its expenses comfortably. If you just need a dog companion you could visit rescue centers and pick one that aligns with your personality, tastes, and preferences.


You also need to pay attention to the dog's gender before you make the ultimate decision to own it. If you want a much stronger and larger dog then pick a male. If you want a docile pet that is much easier to train a female. If you decide to pick a female purebred then you have a chance of owning a litter of puppies later which might benefit you financially. However, it should be clear that regardless of the gender both female and male dogs can be neutered.


There are pet owners who are after a specific breed and it is a wise decision to deal with a reputable registered breeder. Working with a registered breeder drastically reduces the chances of falling victim to unscrupulous individuals who are after making profits. People look for a particular line of god breed in search of a certain personality. Some professional breeders offer guarantees contracting to take the dog back if it doesn't suit your personality. At times it takes a small description of what you want and the professionals will sort you out.


Age is always an issue when purchasing any form of an asset due to the longevity and life span factor. There are advantages and disadvantages to owning a puppy and a much older dog. A puppy will give you the chance to get involved in its upbringing as you make valuable memories. On the other hand, having an already mature dog sets the pace and requirements for you. An older dog has already defined characteristics such as size, height, and behavior. You also get conversant with its background history which allows you to adjust accordingly in terms of the medical expenses, accommodation requirements, and training required. The average lifespan of a dog is ten years make a sound decision to avoid remorse later.


You need to be cautious about the size due to accommodation requirements and mobility issues. There are pet owners who love smaller sized breeds while others prefer the large breeds. The decision here solely lies with the pet owner due to individual taste and preference. However, small-sized dogs are much more preferred for households with children than larger breeds. Larger breeds tend to consume and shed more compared to smaller breeds.

The above-mentioned considerations will help you make a sound and ideal decision on the kind of dog you need. Remember you are getting yourself into a lifetime commitment to take care of the pooch that should be considered as family. Get equipped with these vital factors and land on a best friend for life.

Martina Smith has always loved animals, especially when she got her own dogs. She really enjoys learning more about dogs in general, enjoys sharing what she has learned and continues to learn, and she helps run a website that promotes Dog Training Equipment browse their selection now!

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