The Least Worse Presidential Candidate? Trump, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Yang, Buttitieg, Bloomberg?

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  • Author An Ho
  • Published February 21, 2020
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It is widely known the upcoming 2020 Presidential election will be the most important election in our generation. President Trump, isn't exactly earning the approval of the majority of Americans and the Democratic Party does not have a front-running Presidential candidate. As a result, the next president will NOT be a candidate with the majority of American votes. There will be more Americans who did not vote for the next President than Americans who did.

Yet, we Americans must pick one candidate to fill the open job position of POTUS. Sadly, our goal will be to vote for a candidate who is the least worse of the bunch. Below are our options.

  • PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP - Trump is the most polarizing president in our lifetime. We know what has happened to the country since his election -- hatred towards immigrants, promotion of racism, justification of white nationalists, and sports teams refusing to go to the White House. Trump isn't responsible for all these dark things, but he sure is an influential figure. You just have to look at his rallies to realize 99% of those in attendance look like each other. Trump is the American version of Hitler.

  • JOE BIDEN - The real reason why Biden is running for president is to get Trump out of office. His main skillset on his resume is that he once knew Barack Obama. If Biden becomes president, our whole society takes a step back to the year 2008. Biden even said it himself, "Nothing will change" if he becomes president. So, if Biden becomes president, he's going to take naps and slack off and our country will too. He'll need the extra naps because he can't form a complete sentence anymore. Biden should have retired the same time Obama did.

  • BERNIE SANDERS - Anyone who wants to use the Wealth Tax to fund his or her promises, should automatically be disqualified from being a President. Even an idiot can Google, "Does Wealth Tax Work?" to find out this wealth tax doesn't work. You can forget about FREE College. You can forget about the Single-Payer Healthcare because no one in Congress wants to work with this guy and no American wants to pay extra taxes for it. Sanders want Billionaires to be the "Bad" guys. This is a political move because 99.9% of you American voters are poor suckers who are not billionaires. Sanders is loud and obnoxious and a lot of his supporters are of the same mold. Sanders supporters are as toxic as Trump supporters. If Sanders become president, he will become the Democratic version of Trump.

  • ELIZABETH WARREN - Her idiotic plan to pay for "Medicare for All" pretty much ruined her chances to be President. We know she can't come up with good solutions but we do know she's a good liar. From claiming she is Native American to get perks, to saying she was fired from her job for being pregnant (when in reality she wasn't qualified to be a full-time teacher), to claiming Sanders said a women can't be president, to using the victim-card... we absolutely can't trust this woman to be president. Although it would be nice to have a women as US President, Warren should not be the one, she will just make all women look bad.

  • ANDREW YANG - Why would anyone trust an Asian man who wants to give us all $1000/month? That seems to be too good to be true. This Yang guy looks like someone who should be our enemy, a Communist Chinaman. Yang claims the government can fund this by taxing tech companies with the VAT tax. I have done the MATH and realistically, Yang can only get the funding to give us about $750/month. That's less than what Yang promises. But hey, that's still $750 more than what any other politician is willing to give us.

  • PETE BUTTITIEG - Mayor Pete is a smooth talker with witty comebacks and lots of wine to drink. He says he can bring the country together. But he can't even bring his little city in Indiana together. It's troublesome when black protestors show up at your rallies. It's just as troublesome when white people also protest at your rallies because you take money from billionaires. When your support group is mainly rich white folks, you're going to be hated on bad. He's not even President yet and he's got the same protestors like Trump. Pete is the candidate who is least likely to unite the country.

  • MICHAEL BLOOMBERG - If you're sick and tired of seeing Bloomberg on TV you're not the only one. When a billionaire has enough money to make himself look good on TV commercials, he's going to stuff it down your throat. What is his reason to run for President? It's not for you, it's for his ego. It's to fight against the billionaire-hating politicians like Sanders and Warren. Bloomberg does a good job of hiding behind his commercials because if he attends a debate, his bad track record as mayor will be exposed. You will see another one of his ads during the Super Bowl - this will be a good time to go for a potty break.

Who should I vote for? Or should I even vote at all?

I am an American voter who needs to decide who to vote for in the Democratic party and again in the General election.

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