Subjective perception – Process


  • Author Stefan Stefanov
  • Published March 1, 2020
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This article contains ideas which secretly, and sometimes not so secretly, are playing

their role in the game of life, and they are somehow hidden for the ordinary person. They are have been taken from my experience. We all have these experiences in our life and I was thinking how other people cannot see the ideas, but they

obviously cannot; I have come to this conclusion many years ago.

I hope, when you learn them, it is good to decide is there anything that you want to change in your life or within you. This information is not written to point to a particular person or a group of people, but to reveal unconscious secrets and if possible to contribute to the reader`s life. The main thing for you to understand is that; we have opinions and thoughts for everything, and some of them are absolutely different from those of another person. So with that said we can now start to learn. Are you ready to take the leap. Every one of us has our own internal perception of the world in which we operate in an everyday life. This is gathered by our five senses which then creates filters which are

different for each of us. The filters are our beliefs and values, and they literally rule our lives. We always turn to them for everything. The formed filters are integrated in us and from there they operate in ordered categories. Every category /filter/ is divided into smaller categories and all of them, as you have read, are programmed from your past. Some of those categories include work /career, activity, attitude/, hobbies /listening to

music, kind of music, favorite song/ and hundreds of different categories. For each of them we have a conscious point of view - opinion, and the way we got to this opinion is the result of our past thoughts and experience through associations. That opinion can be positive, neutral or negative.Those categories are our internal reality directed towards our external reality. That is to say, we take our thoughts for truth, for granted and it is hard, in some cases even impossible, for someone to convince us that truth is different. There are a lot of examples but maybe the most famous is about how many people in the past were thinking that the Earth is flat, but as we know this is not the truth.

I practice and teach energy techniques and meditation. I make meditation music.

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