Dedicated to the Companionship of two lovable Pet dogs, Peppi and Bella


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  • Published June 12, 2020
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The original purpose of the pet dedicated site was to remember my two best companions Peppi and Bella. Two dogs who went through the birth of my children, construction of a new house, a happy marriage and then the divorce which followed. It could be said that I had my own “Marley and Me” period. At each stage they remained with me until after 14 years, of true dedicated companionship, I had to make the heart breaking decision to take them out of their and my misery.

I don’t want to make this a sad story, although it was devastating, and I’m sure anyone who has experienced this understands where I am coming from. Instead I like to remember them via snippets of stories, and there are many, as you can imagine with experiences that were 14 years in the making. These two lovable rouges where born (they are brother and sister) on a 10 acre lot in the outskirts of Western Sydney.

Born on a property of my then girlfriend, later to become wife and then ex-wife’s family property was a litter of up to 8 pups, which had the run of the joint. There is no one breed, so I think the term mutts seem to be in order. Peppi looked predominately German Shepard and Bella I think was more Doberman, but there is likely to be a whole host of breeds there. It mattered nothing to me, as they were beautiful, playful and disrespectful pups, and that remained throughout their life.

Maybe it was me, but I think they loved each other, much more than they ever loved me. They looked after each other, as you would expect from a brother and sister, looking out for each other when they were up to mischief. When I did get married, the pups moved from their lot on 10 acres to a modest rental property closer to the city of Sydney, they adapted perfectly, but an adventure was never far away. They had free roam of the rental, with plenty of food, water, security and walks, we tried to help them adapt to their new environment as best we could.

And adapt they did, becoming more and more adventurous as they got older, as you would expect. I imagine, that my story is no different to the millions of other pet owners out there. Each with their own stories, I just took a step by dedicating a site not only in their memory but for all other pet owners who would like an avenue to read and view stories. Contribution from others who are attached to their pet companions is always welcome.

As time went by, looking back so very quickly, the pups grew into medium sized dogs, and from my part I was always one who wants dogs, especially medium sized dogs to remain outside the house. They dug up the gardens, planned their great escape every few months and they provided me with nothing but headaches. Refilling the soil in the garden, patching the holes in the fence and walking the neighborhood to get them back home. I did finally get them chipped, so at least when they were found I would be contacted, and that happened way too many times, and it wasn’t cheap either. It all mattered nothing now, and I would do it again, but their lose has been painful.

Taking them for walks, was a real joy, and they kept me fit, because there were two, relatively big and strong dogs, walks was more of a run, drag, run, it was tiring. I think we all enjoyed it, they were always willing to go for their walks as they would meet other dogs. It was more the adventure of their escapes I think they enjoyed more, which annoyed me no end. Regardless, they were always treated well, and they remained with me to the very end.

When I did divorce, the dogs were left with me, no question, which I was very appreciative. During this very bleak period of my life, my focus was on my children, who I love dearly, shout out to Emilia and Sophia. I do have another two children, as I remarried, but, Emilia and Sophia were my focus during this time. They grew up with Peppi and Bella and attended the vet with me when the time came to say goodbye, so their history of the dogs is as vivid as mine.

When the girls were not with me, then my focus was on the dogs, they gave me direction, and not to dwell on the situation. They had to be taken for walks, fed and had to be attended to, that is bath time, so they did take my mind off other things. I must admit this wasn’t evident to me at the time, but as I reflect that is exactly what it was, a greatly appreciated and lovable distraction.

As mentioned there are many stories about life with Peppi and Bella, and would be more than happy to share them with you should you be interested. I would be happy to oblige, as I would like to hear your stories of your beloved pets, type doesn’t matter, as these days we have birds, rabbits, cats and dogs roaming the house. There is a story regarding how Peppi and Bella got their names, I think Bella would be obvious, but I bet you won’t guess how Peppi got his name. Anyway that is a story for another occasion.

I hope you enjoy the Pet Dedicated site, it is a memory to companions, who kept me on my toes, got me through a very difficult period, and this is one that I cannot give up lightly. As their companionship left a profound mark on my life. They offered reason, responsibility, adventure, health and helped me become a handyman with the number of times I had to patch holes around the home. I welcome you to share your stories, as we remain dedicated to our pets.

Just a pet owner and lover who is dedicated to our much loved pets, those both with us, as we enjoy their company and for pets long since departed this earth, but always in our memories. Who has stories to share about beloved pets/friends with others, view funny images, read stories and browse pet care products.

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