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  • Published July 21, 2020
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Affiliate and Reseller programs are one of the simplest ways to earn good online money. All one needs to do is promote other people's (or company's) products and earn lucrative commissions against each sale referred by you.

This simple and straightforward business model has gained immense popularity over the last decade. But affiliate or referral marketing is not without its fair share of hurdles and challenges. But before we delve into that, let us first understand the difference between Affiliate and Referral Programs.

Affiliate and referral programs have the same commission model. The only difference is that in referral programs, you earn coins instead of hard cash. The referral points must be utilized on the same network to buy products and services.

Almost every company has an affiliate or referral program. With so much to choose from, finding the right affiliate products and services is not as simple as it may seem. The online audience is equally well informed these days and does extensive research before buying a product or service.

Another equally essential factor is the commission rate. Products with low commission rates require more time and effort if you want to make a substantial income.

So the big question that every newbie and seasoned affiliate marketer has to face is:

'Where can I find affiliate and reseller programs with great products and a high affiliate commission?'

We thought we would make the task a little easier for you. Here are some factors that you must consider to find the best affiliate and reseller programs.

Tips to Recognize the Best Affiliate and Reseller programs

Associate with Products that Even You Will Buy

If you try to sell a product that you won't use, 9 out of 10 times, you will not bother to gain the right product knowledge or find the passion for marketing that product. Hence, you must associate with only those products or services that you would not think twice before buying.

Product Education and Training

Training becomes of utmost importance if you are trying to sell a software service or a tool or training and educational products. If the company offers associates training, it's a green signal that the product will see buyers.

Moreover, a well-structured training program will help you offer excellent value to your target audience and further refine your sales funnels.

24*7 Support for Buyers

Support is another factor that every affiliate marketer and reseller must look for when promoting a product or service.

What if somebody buys a software using your affiliate link and doesn't work for the buyer. Maybe the buyer needs a system upgrade, or the buyer does not know the right installation steps. In such an event, support can be of tremendous value, both for the buyer and to your accountability.

Target Sub-Category Products Too

Let's say you have a blog that is dedicated solely to home decor. However, this should not limit you from targeting and promoting other related products like home insurance, home care services, home safety, etc. If you have a considerable audience in a particular niche, it is wise to place related-product offers before the audience. More often than not, these sub-categories or related product links return high conversion rates.

Vendor Reputation

Last but not least, vendor reputation is centric to affiliate marketing success. Conversion metrics are good indicators of vendor reputation. Most popular affiliate and reseller networks offer marketers with conversion metrics to check the conversion rates for a particular merchant or vendor.

Before you try these tips, we thought a list of top-rated affiliate programs would be a great head start. Go through this list and choose the affiliate or reseller program that most fits your niche and passion.

Top Affiliate and Reseller Programs

#1. DashClicks' White Label Marketing Solutions

Healthy commissions, minimal entry barriers, on-time payment, and ease of sale: DashClicks solutions have all the ingredients that make a gold-standard affiliated product.

The best part is that DashClicks solutions, tools, and services are entirely white-labeled, which means you can even sell them under your name and start your entrepreneurial journey with minimal investment.

DashClicks white-label solutions are used by digital agencies, companies, and entrepreneurs all over the globe. Here are some of the key highlights of the DashClicks' affiliate program:

5% commissions for life

Bi-monthly payout

Secure payment (User data is secure and never saved in DashClicks servers)

One-stop dashboard for tracking earnings, performance evaluation, and more

More than 80% of DashClicks' products incur recurring fees

Guides and educational resources

#2. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is a cloud-based WordPress hosting service provider. The hosting services are secured using the latest tech-certificates such as SSL, PHP7, and HTTP/2 CDN. For every sale you make on the Kinsta affiliate program, you can earn $50 to $500 per sale with 10% monthly commissions for the customer's lifetime.

#3. Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways offers AWS, Vultr, Linode, and other cloud hosting solutions for websites. It has one of the best affiliate programs with commissions up to $200 per sale. They have a smooth and flexible commission structure too.

But the key highlight is that you get a dedicated affiliate manager who explains the entire program, answers all your queries, and offers guidance and help when you need it the most.

#4. Swagbucks Referral Program

Swagbucks is a popular American reward and loyalty-program operator. It rewards users credit points for doing simple online tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, and more.

For every new person who joins the Swagbucks network using your referral, you earn 10% of the referrals' earnings. You will continue to receive 10% as long as your referral user is active on the network.

#5. Amazon Affiliate Program

We simply can't create a list of top Affiliate programs and not include Amazon in it. It has a fantastic affiliate program that pays referrers even for those products which were not sent to the referred user by you. The network is highly reputed, and there are tons of guides and videos online that you can use to get started.

The Road Ahead for Affiliate Marketers

2020 has not been the best of years for humanity, let alone businesses. The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on human lives at an unprecedented scale. Amidst the less-than-favorable consumer behavior and the economic downturn, enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs are looking at digital to connect better and engage their potential customers.

Naturally, they will also try to use the reach and influence of affiliate marketers to introduce the products and services to their audience. The new normal would open exponential income opportunities for digital entrepreneurs and marketers. I hope the information and tips in this blog will help you make the most of the opportunities ahead.

Sean Davis is the freelance content strategist indulged in the content writing and community management industry since 2012. He has previously written about white label digital marketing solutions, SaaS solutions, and some severe growth hacking tips. He randomly started to get ideas from DashClicks' Education Hub, which is quite worthful to him from here - https://www.dashclicks.com/webinars/

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