What is the Most Important Thing to do After a Cancer Diagnosis?

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  • Published August 18, 2020
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You get a phone call. You suddenly hear the word cancer in the same sentence as your name. Suddenly, your emotions kick in, such as fear, confusion, dismay, and oh so many questions. What to do now?

The most important thing to do initially is nothing. Nothing?! There is this cancer thing, and I must do research, and phone calls to make.

Why start with nothing?

Your body heals best when it is in a state of relaxation. By taking a few minutes to do nothing, you will quiet your mind which will help your body to relax.

Why is this so important? The opposite state of relaxation is stress.

When your body is in a stressed state, hormones levels increase and these changes can dramatically decrease your body's ability to heal.

When changes such as increased blood glucose, shutting down digestion and reducing immune system function will reduce your body's ability to heal.

The changes that are associated with the stress response are meant to be short-lived. Once the crisis is handled, your body returns to a state of relaxation.

This process is normal. It is the effects of prolonged stress that dramatically decrease your body's ability to heal.

It is normal to think of cancer as a threat, but the truth of the matter is, you have a choice in how to approach your diagnosis.

Our body has an amazing ability to heal. Do not try to hold in his is the message you want to focus on, not the alternative message that your life is in danger.

Do not try to hold in your emotions. You should acknowledge every emotion that you feel. Keeping your emotions inside will have negative health consequences.

Cancer is not something to be taken lightly. You will have many difficult decisions, conversations, and treatments in the coming weeks and months.

Can you approach these situations while in a state of relaxation? If so, your body will have a much better chance of healing.

So how do you achieve this state of relaxation? It is a skill that takes practice. Here are some ideas

  1. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and just notice your breath for 5-10 minutes. Breathe slowly.

Rapid breathing signals the body that there is danger present. Breathe in for a count of 5, pause for a count of 5, and then exhale for a count of 5.

  1. Spend time in nature. Go for a walk, or just sit where you can observe plants and wildlife. Stop and put your feet in the grass or stick your toes in a creek or lake.

Nature has an inherent ability to heal and impart wisdom.

  1. Have some fun - listen to your favorite music, dance, laugh (think of something that has made you laugh or smile in the past).

  2. Exercise, if it is part of your normal routine, will help your body to relax.

Do not do something extreme that your body is not used to doing; this will cause another stress response.

  1. Keep an attitude of gratitude; we all have something to be thankful for.

Further, tell someone how much you appreciate them; it will brighten both of your days.

The more time your body stays in a state of relaxation, the greater your healing potential will be. Try to find ways to work these techniques into your daily routine whenever you are feeling stressed.

Relaxation is your body's normal state, and it will want to return there. Doing things that help your body relax will serve as a reminder that it is OK to relax.

Any time you choose relaxation over stress, your body will benefit. You can do all the same tasks, just in a more relaxed state.

You will also find that in a state of relaxation, you will be more efficient, think more clearly, and have more productive interactions with others. It is a win-win situation.

From this state of relaxation, you can begin to ask your body what it needs most to heal. You will not gain this awareness from a state of stress.

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