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  • Author Donald Lowery
  • Published October 11, 2020
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I want to talk a little-bit about the word FREE. We hear it all the time, we see it all the time, and yet when we respond we find it really isn't really free at all. Most of the time it's just a gimmick. This is why I was skeptical when I saw the free lead system. I decided to give it a try, just like so many of us do, and I was actually shocked when I saw it really was free!

So what is the free lead system? It's a fully functioning lead capture system that allows you to market any company you want. It gives you a free web page that you can send traffic to, and when they sign up, it gives them a free lead system, and it starts sending them an auto-responder campaign that promotes your company.

This is very powerful, and it's 100% free, forever. You can keep it and use it to market your business forever, for free. So what's the catch? The Catch is simple, it passes up every other lead to your sponsor. This isn't really that big of a deal, because every system you give away will pass every other lead up to you, so it all washes out in the end. In fact, this is much more powerful that you would think. Let's just say that you give away Two free systems. You would pass up every other lead, but those two you give away would also pass up every other lead (to you), so you pass up one lead, but you would get two back. So let's say you don't want to give away every other lead, is there a way to keep them all? The answer is YES, there is a way to keep all the leads, and that's by upgrading.

How much is the upgrade? It costs $7.00 ONE TIME, no monthly expenses, and you will make $6.00 commissions on every Seven Dollar upgrade that comes through your system. There is no requirement to upgrade though, you can keep the free lead system for free as long as you want, but come on, Seven Dollars, one time, it's a no brainer, and you get to keep all your leads. Plus, if you upgrade you get to keep the commissions that your free members pass up. Let me explain this. You get a free lead system today. Tomorrow you give away a free system to Mary, and she gives away a free system to Tim, then Tim gives away a free system to Marty. Let's say Marty decides to upgrade for the Seven Dollars. The system will send that commission to the next qualified person. Now since Mary and Tim are still free members, the system will pass that commission up to you, because you upgraded for only Seven Dollars! Can you see the power in this?

Look, I am going to place a link here for a FREE system, and yes, it really is free, and you can use it for free, as long as you want, to build a list, and to market with. It's your's for the taking. IF you decide to upgrade, that's up to you, it's only $7.00 ONE TIME ( I suggest you upgrade ), but it's not required. No matter what, it's a free system.

P.S. It really is FREE...

  • Donald

Donald Lowery is an active internet marketer, and voice over artist as well as an active podcaster and producer. Donald has a studio in his home where her records voice overs for clients worldwide, as well as promotes his marketing business.

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