6 Tips on Choosing a Shelter Dog


  • Author Kathy Tonery
  • Published October 30, 2020
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6 Tips on Choosing a Shelter Dog

I have had many dogs growing up as a child and then later into adulthood. We always favored a shelter dog vs. a dog breeder. A full breed meant you had to have deep pockets and seeing what happens to animals due to overcrowded shelters just breaks my heart. However, each option means gaining a loving relationship with your fur-ever friend! But for this article, I will give some important tips on choosing the right dog in your local shelter.

1). Commitment- When adopting a shelter dog, you should be fully committed, it is sort of like having another member of the family, and in return will give you unconditional love every day. But make sure that you are a good fit for your canine companion- each dog has its own personality!

2). Skip the puppy (if you can) Yes, puppies are adorable but require lots of training and are basically just like babies. So, if you have the patience and young kids (who love puppies) then go for it. I prefer older dogs because they have developed personalities already and will not pee on the rug. Most puppies are quickly scooped up in shelters leaving the older dogs left behind and end up being euthanized. Adult dogs make great pets too.

3.) A perfect match- Every dog is different in size and personality. Make sure you know the breed that is suitable for your lifestyle. Small dogs tend to yap a lot, while other dogs like to be walked 5 times a day. If you are not up to going to the dog parks on a daily basis but prefer the couch- get a lap dog. For instance, a beagle mix is a hunter breed and likes to be outside with his nose on the ground. A young Aussie has a lot of stamina and energy. Some are high maintenance breeds- do the research on breeds first. One of the many reasons dogs end up in shelters is because they cannot handle their dogs who are unmanageable to them.

4). Training- If you adopt a dog then training is essential to having a well-behaved pooch. It can become a nightmare if you do not know how to properly train your dog. Dogs are smart and if you have the time you can teach your dog not to jump on people or drag you down the street when taking a walk. Be repetitive, consistent, and set boundaries. Dogs must know what to expect of them. So, if you have the funds you should invest in a dog training school- it pays off in the end. Lack of training is another reason why dogs end up in shelters.

5). Everybody on board- If you have a family with kids then it is wise to go down to the shelter together to agree on a dog that the whole family likes. No surprises. You should have to agree that everyone should do their share in taking the dog out for a walk, feeding, and training. Take turns.

6). Adding another pet- If you adopt a dog and have another at home, it is always wise to let them spend together in a neutral place like walking them together in a park. Do not expect them to be friends - it will take some time until they are used to each other. Feeding them together with keeping a leash on both that way they know there not a threat to one another.

Dogs end up in shelters for many reasons. One of the major ones is because of economic reasons but also because people move where animals are not allowed, divorces happen, old age and children can suddenly become allergic. Whatever the reasons are dogs are the ones to suffer but we have the power to help them.

Luckily, there are many non- profit animal rescues in our communities that heavily promote dogs that need a home. They do fundraising, use social media, and other means of advertising. They are the true advocates for these precious animals and work hard to find the right home for them.

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