How to Join an Online Network Marketing Business – 16 Tips to Success

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Sure, you can Join an online Network Marketing Business and be very successful indeed. Joining a networking business is easier than starting a brick and mortar business as you don’t need as much capital. To join a networking business online, all it takes is to pay a membership to an existing multi-level marketing company.

Here are some tips on how to join and work on your online network marketing business and see success in a short 6 to 8 months.

• Choose your Opportunity

• Find a Sponsor

• Fill In the Registration Form Using A Sponsor Link

• Get Trained In the Business

• Make a Prospect List

• Attend Zoom training

• Start Making Calls on your list

• Attend Training Seminars

• Get the Official Business Training Tools

• Make Business Presentations

• Advertise Your Business

• Educate Yourself

• Get a Mentor

• Make a Whatsapp/Telegram Group

• Help your Team

• Think, Eat and Sleep Your new Business

  1. Choose your Opportunity

You need to do some research on which online networking business opportunity will suit your needs. Some of the things to compare among different networking companies are the different compensation plans. A good company makes it easy for its members to make money so the compensation plan will be simple and powerful. A network company that has a 1+1, 1+2 and 1+3 binary payment plan is a good one. Most other companies have a compensation plan that pays you only 10% on the points of your weaker leg of the binary. This makes you work so hard to make money in such companies. In addition, you may opt for a company with either health supplements in which case you will need to courier the products to your clients. You can also opt for digital products companies where you don’t have to carry around physical products but simply promote mobile apps for clients to download and get paid. Companies with monthly sales quotas are also a big hassle as compared to those that don’t insist on you meeting monthly sales targets before you can be paid.

  1. Find a Sponsor

Before you join any network company online, you need to find a strong up line sponsor who will be able to guide you. Look for a leader that has good knowledge of the company and one that is committed and in it for the long haul. The last thing you want is a leader who quits on you half way down the line. If you get a good sponsor or leader, you will be sure that they can help you to meet your recruitment targets by helping to even talk to your prospects.

  1. Fill In the Registration Form Using A Sponsor Link

Once you get a good sponsor to sign up under, you can use their sponsor link to fill in the registration form. Ask your sponsor if you have problems signing up. Usually the sign up is a 2 minute affair and you should have problems. Make sure your internet is working fine before signing up.

  1. Get Trained In the Business

The very first thing you need to do when you join any network marketing business is to learn how the business works. You should also train yourself on their products and how they make their business presentations. Make sure to have a deeper understanding of the business so that you will be confident in making presentations to your clients.

  1. Make a Prospect List

You now need to make a long prospect list and also qualify the list such that you start with the most receptive clients. You can start with a list of family members, friends, workmates and even business associates. Contrary, expect that most family members might not want to join you but strangers might actually respond better to your business proposal.

  1. Attend Zoom training

Most of the online network marketing companies usually have zoom training meetings several times a week. Some companies have only one zoom meeting or 2 every week. You should make a point of attending all these zoom meetings everyday they are available. This will help you a lot in understanding your business and how to make the presentations.

  1. Start Making Calls on your list

Once you have made the prospect list, you can start making the calls and inviting them to your local seminars. If you are confident in the business presentation, you may choose to plan for one on one presentation with your clients. Don’t attempt to make presentations on phone but just make sure they commit to attend the meetings or seminars to listen.

  1. Attend Training Seminars

If the company holds frequent seminars in your town, make sure to attend as many seminars as possible. This helps you to keep in touch with your team makes as well as learn how to host a meeting. Additionally these seminars give you a chance to invite your prospects so that they can listen to the experts as they present the business. Inviting your prospects to seminars helps you to make presentations since at this point you may not be very confident in doing the one on one presentation. Furthermore, you prospects can listen to the success stories from other senior leaders in the company that have found success and made money in the company.

  1. Get the Official Business Training Tools

Once you have joined any online network marketing company, you need to get the training tolls including the pdfs or PowerPoint documents. Make sure you have mastered these documents so that you too can make great presentations with confidence. You also need to collect all the short summary business write ups and testimonial videos to help you doing your presentations. Use these tools to make presentations online in your whatsapp groups.

  1. Make Business Presentations

You can also invite your prospects to one-on-one meetings over coffee and explain the business to them. Make sure that you are making 3 presentations a day at the minimum and your business will grow gradually. Work hard and you will not be disappointed in your work. Bear in mind that it takes at least 6 months to a year to get amazing income results in network marketing.

  1. Advertise Your Business

Your network marketing business is just like any other business if not better. You will need to advertise your business to ensure that you get new prospects to recruit in your business. There are several free ways to advertise online including Facebook MLM groups, free classified ads, friend requesting networkers on Facebook, article writing and blogging, making you tube videos also works well. You may also advertise off line on newspaper ads, distributing fliers, banners and car branding.

  1. Educate Yourself

Network marketing is a business that requires you to develop yourself as a person in terms of goal setting and achievement. In order to do this, you need daily fuel in terms of positive mentoring content which you can get from motivational videos, books and stories. Make sure to spend at least an hour daily listening to motivational and personal development materials. Make sure to read a book at least once a month and watch motivational videos daily.

  1. Get a Mentor

To be absolutely successful, you need to associate yourself with successful people. If you are always around successful people it will rub on you. You will change your mindset towards success, you will start seeing everything within reach and that has an impact on how you perform your business daily. A good mentor will keep you on the straight and narrow in terms of setting your goals and following through with actions. Listen to what they tell you and implement religiously daily and soon enough your business will bloom in ways you never thought possible.

  1. Make a Whatsapp/Telegram Group

Making a whatsapp or telegram group helps you to have a central forum where you can present the business in detail to your group. Make sure that the people that react to your adverts also join your whatsapp or telegram group so that you can do the business presentation there. Another advantage of these groups is that you can side chat each of the members to recruit them gradually to joining your business over time. The groups work like magic but you need to be consistently presenting them with information.

  1. Think, Eat and Sleep Your new Business

The only way to maintain focus and not to be deviated from your business is to make sure it occupies your every thought, action and materials. Make sure that you are always thinking of ways to recruit better, more and faster. Read information about your business. Get all news items about your company. Learn everything about new products in your company. Be fast on the uptake and that will influence your mind towards success. In a short while you will start seeing success.

  1. Help your Team

Work in your business with a goal of helping your downline team members. It is until you help your downline members to start earning that you yourself will start earning. You will be called upon to offer all kinds of help from free memberships, to money for hire of seminar halls, to transport costs, mobile phone credit and much more. Take it in your stride and assist where you can. Of course you will not be able to assist in every situation but the idea is that your team feels you are chipping in to their growth. They too will have to assume the same responsibility in good time. Helping your team ensures that they are able to perform their work of recruiting, holding seminars and eventually you all grow together.

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