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  • Published January 14, 2021
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Making money with Youtube ? TV used to be where money was , but markets seem to be shifting . In the year 2020, the television becomes increasingly not valuable and YouTube is a golden new .

Imagine only users of YouTube and vlogger Netherlands as STUK TV, Dylan Haegens , and Enzo Knol . With millions of subscribers , the world is open to them .

At the time of the same , generating money with YouTube it easy and who alone can join . For this reason , this platform is very popular .

More than 2 billion YouTube users

With more than 2 billion users monthly , YouTube is a platform giant that continues to evolve .

In the article it you will find all the ways to generate money with Youtube , experiences personal me with it and tip is useful to make a vlog or serial Youtube you success ! But first -tama let us into the base .

The reason Youtube is so cool

Surely you know the platform as where you can upload a video. The other person can then watch your video and then you get a " look " with it . If people really like you , they even subscribe to your channel and turn on notifications . Then they will receive a notification when you upload something that is new to the channel Youtube you .

Many videos are uploaded every day , excels in terms of it seems difficult . Starting a vlog about a normal life without personality will not attract viewers . You see getting a lot of things most cryptic and most cool on Youtube . Everything to stand out and be glimpsed by the audience .

If you want to generate the money itself to You Tube , you have to start the channel up first . This is the part of your platform where you can upload your videos . When you start the channel , there is good for thinking about the image , the subject , and the group target line you .

Are you still going to create your Youtube channel ? Read the plan step -by- step is to start YouTube with success .

  1. Make money with your views on Youtube

Before we talk about how to monetize viewers who are involved in the channel you are , aliases customer you are , let me discuss the phase of "non- customers " along with you .

You must activate the income that you can generate yourself through YouTube advertising (Google Adsense ). You then become a partner of YouTube and allows you to display the ad with video you . Youtube pays you a small amount of money for this every time the ad is clicked on .

Making money with your Youtube views can therefore be done by allowing ads to enter your channel . You must take into account that video you did not contain content rights reserved as songs famous . Then you are not allowed to make money from that video and it will cost you yourself .

You can use advertisements from Youtube by becoming a partner. But before that happens , you have to fulfill a number of requirements . Ie in the last year you have at least 4000 hours of watch time , 1000 subscribers and a Google Adsense account .

  1. Make money by branding on Youtube

When you decide to create a YouTube channel and post videos on it , I assume that you will be highlighting several types of topics . People do not subscribe to the channel so alone , so the channel you have to contain something and perform with a unique . When you have a channel with a theme specific and you get a customer , the customer you will generate money for you . Customers belong to a certain target group .

You can look at the group of targets where the audience you 're in analysis Youtube you . Gaining insight into that is very important because you need those statistics to make money by branding on Youtube .

Step further is viewed by the company where the group targets you connected . Are there companies that have a target audience that is equal to the product or service they are ? Then it is your best branding partner on Youtube . Sometimes the companies that come to your own and sometimes you have to call their own .

  1. Make money with merchandise on Youtube

Surprisingly , it often times is the form of the first who thought people when generating money from channel YouTube. Strange because you just start to sell goods merchandise if you have a fan true . If you have a fan that is true , it is the form of income that is nice , but do not underestimate the effort that is required to produce and distribute goods merchandise you .

In addition to items of merchandise you also can think about the type of product other for sale . Think video training about something that you are good at or , for example , an e-book.

You will notice that when you release the product itself and you have a lot of followers , the product is sold freely as bread sweet . After all , people already know you as a person and as a brand . It is profitable to sell .

  1. Make money with affiliate marketing

Another way to make money with your YouTube channel is through affiliate marketing . You may already be familiar with it , if not I want to explain it . Affiliate marketing means you " recommend " a product of the company is online with a link . When your video viewer clicks on this link and buys a product from the company , you earn a commission . The Commission is between 3% and 50% depending on the products that you recommend . For example , if you recommend online training , the commissions are often very high . But when you recommend things like cameras ( quite a few YouTube users do ) the commission is probably only 3%.

5 . Make money with paid membership

Generate money with membership pay Youtube is also a way that is interesting . If you used to throw a party like Patreon , now you can let viewers pay to watch your video via YouTube. Viewers on essentially " donate " to support the content you . If you want to get started on this , it's good to know that the lower limit for this function is 100,000 subscribers .

It's not so smart to get all of your content paid for immediately . With that , you make the fear of most large audience you . By because it is , is better to give viewers who pay a little extra . Maybe they can preview your video before any other YouTube or you offer them additional content in the paid part of your channel .

Very fun seeing you grow it exponentially on YouTube and not be linear. This means that you continue to grow more rapidly . The first week you have 10 subscribers , the second week 15, the third 20, and so on . Before you realize it , you cultivate 100 customers every day and then everything goes by fast . But you really have to go through the first half of your YouTube channel before you can make money with YouTube. Be aware of things this before you let yourself alone with expectations that are too high .

Consistency is an important key to continue to grow . So keep trying to create content that is useful and enjoyable by the audience .

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