The Earliest True Meaning Of Sending Valentine Roses On Valentine's Day

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Every time to Valentine's day, I believe the most popular flower shop is the Valentine's rose, because the flower language of valentine rose is brave love, so in many people's hearts, rose is the representative of love bouquet, so many people will choose roses to express their love, so, do you know the origin of sending beautiful roses for Valentine's day?

The origin of sending roses on Valentine's Day

All along, roses are the common language used to express love all over the world. On Valentine's day, people choose to send valentine roses to express their love. In fact, the origin of sending roses on Valentine's Day is related to an ancient myth. According to the myth, people gradually get used to the custom of sending roses on Valentine's day.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the God of love, is so beautiful that it is sought after by countless admirers. Zeus is one of them, but they are all rejected by Aphrodite.

Zeus held a grudge and married Hephaestus, the ugly and disabled God of fire. But Aphrodite did not love the God of fire, but the human Adonis.

Adonis is a young man who loves hunting very much. Once, when he went out hunting, he was suddenly attacked by a fierce wild boar. Unfortunately, he was bitten off the main artery of his foot, and Adonis fell to the ground in pain.

Aphrodite heard Adonis scream from afar. She was so anxious that she went to save her lover. The valley was covered with white roses. The thorny roses cut her feet and legs and spilled blood all the way.

At the end of the story, Adonis dies, and the white roses in the valley stained with Aphrodite's blood turn into red roses. People are very moved by this fairy tale. The red rose stained with Aphrodite's blood has been regarded as a symbol of love since then. Usually on Valentine's day, a red rose will be presented to express the feelings between lovers.

In today's Valentine's Day customs, flowers and chocolates have become indispensable for Valentine's day. They are also the most classic gifts given by men to women, showing their concentration, emotion and vitality.

Rose is the incarnation of the God of love, and chocolate can make people have the feeling of love. It is said that phenylamine, one of the ingredients of chocolate, can cause hormonal changes in the human body, similar to the feeling in love.

We all know the origin of sending roses on Valentine's day. Now let's continue to understand the real meaning of sending valentine rose. The answer is still very surprising.

The earliest true meaning of sending valentine roses

In ancient Greek mythology, the meaning of sending roses on Valentine's Day is love, but in fact, there is another completely different explanation about the meaning of sending roses.

In fact, Valentine's day is a festival commemorating a monk who marries young people. The king of France chose a son-in-law for his daughter on Valentine's day on February 14. The son-in-law he chose was a noble son. Because the marriage was appointed by the royal family, he had to agree.

But in fact, there are many admirers around him. Now that he has become the son-in-law, in fact, he is also very uncomfortable. So on that day, he held a large bunch of roses and took the girls who were present at that time and had pursued him, one rose for each, saying that we should not go out with each other in the future.

So the custom of sending roses on Valentine's day comes from this day, so what is the earliest real meaning of sending roses? In fact, it's "we're over. I'll get along with others. We're out of business.".

After reading this answer, do you feel afraid to send roses to the people you like? This is just a suggestion. After all, roses are the best flowers to express love in most people's eyes. If you really care, you can not send roses on February 14 White Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day is coming on February 14. Valentine rose is the best choice for your lover. Red rose, pink rose and blue enchantress are all very good flowers to express your love.

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