Three-Layer Content Marketing Strategy For Clickbank Promotions

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  • Published March 30, 2021
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Traffic conversions via a three-layer content marketing strategy for all clickbank promos, for any, for that matter. can be very effective providing the content is very precise and sequenced correctly. Keep in mind that these layers should interlink with each other.

The first layer of content should, the part that establishes YOU as the expert, go into the relevant problems as well as manageable solutions that quite possibly should be considered.

Establishing a connection

When your content is read the feeling that you actually “get it” should strongly resonate, come across. A voice of authority offering trusted information and expert advice means you won't come off as a total stranger just out to make a sale.

Genuinely caring about the problems your visitors are experiencing as you’re walking them through a solution can be very instrumental in gaining valuable rapport. you want to come off as frank, honest and sincere.

Once that connection is made, getting them to move on to the next piece of content in your three-layer content marketing strategy should be an automatic response.

Now comes components to the various types of products that will ultimately make up viable solutions that they may be searching for.

This layer of content lays out the various options and varieties, if you will, of fixes available and along with each one, the up side and the down side.

While your content is still somewhat reserved, in that it's not specifying choosing any particular product it does or should however answer the demand for adequate avenues for suitable results. The visitor should feel confident enough in the information to the degree that they have moved much closer to a solution.

Content Layers Connectivity

You can start to see how the layers of content are building an interesting eco system to follow. The paragraph above would be part of the second layer of your content marketing strategy. It's main device? To eventually link to the final and third layer of content. Linking one to the other, as stated above in sequence, is an imperative part of this strategy.

Now the time has come for the third layer of your content marketing strategy which ultimately discloses the possible choices, while still not specifying any one choice in particular.

Now you'll need a comparison page. The real term is "competitor" comparison page. I use a comparison page a different way. Comparison pages can be constructed in such a way so as to discredit or find disadvantages with competitors products or services. Not only is this practice cheezy but unethical as well.

Competitor Comparison Page

Our three-layer content marketing strategy will ultimately lead the visitor to this page and the page itself doesn't have to bash anybody's site product's or services that competitors are promoting.

What this comparison page needs is three or four of your top clickbank product with your affiliate links, These items or services should be relevant to solving the visitor's problem that you are promoting. Let them choose the product that they want to try from your selection of comparisons.

It's pretty safe to say that if the prospect has made it this far through your three-layer content, that you have most probably built quite a bit of trust in their eyes.

Everyone who makes it to the comparison page still may not buy, your product. The thing is that these folks are much more qualified "targeted traffic" than anyone else who enters your content marketing system. You must now be sure to use an email marketing program to keep in touch with news and upcoming offers, staying completely relevant to the reason they became subscribers.

Set the three-layer content marketing strategy up correctly and just drive traffic. Works effectively well with Clickbank or any sales promotion.

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