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  • Published May 5, 2021
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Los Angeles (California)/Canadian-Media: Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Founder and CEO of the Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group (CAACG) had a chance to discuss with Asha Bajaj by email the future of Black Women in America and various contributions of CAACG to their cause.

Following is the excerpt of the interview:

Asha to Marcia: What hope is there for American black women especially those in underserved communities and those with little or no education and are refused help from educated women?

Marcia: There is very little hope for women in rural areas and other areas of America where traditionally black women are poor, toothless, saddled with several children, teens, uneducated, and uncared for. They and their children have a tendency to be raised by women of the same caliber who have never attended high school or college. Part of the problem is that many black women who have the luck and assistance to leave areas where they get the chance to attend college, meet and marry men who can better support them and their needs, and who want to advance economically as a couple while their childhood friends are left behind.

"These women seldom if ever look back to help others out of the depths of misery and they do not practice the Harriet Tubman way of life. She helped hundreds if not thousands through an underground railroad rather than run off to her own new way of life. She could not lay in the hay and horse barn hearing the screams of sadness from those left behind in slavery. Already you see scores of educated black women who boast and brag about how they made it over but how many stories do you see, modern stories of those stepping outside their walls or education bowing down to help others. Instead, they choose to sit in 20-story office buildings drawing a big paycheck, dining in expensive restaurants after work not looking back to help other crying and dying for love, support, and health-related education in the wilderness of life."

Asha: One of the major problems is that most black women are leading single-mother households and are always struggling to make both ends meet. What help does your organization provide them?

Marcia: Our organization offers not only clothes and food and shoes, we offer counseling, beds in new friends households, mentorship not for a bowl of soup but for life. We come to cherish and stand in the back of and in front of women devastated by domestic violence, lack of education, and a household of principles for right living and how to honor and love other human beings. No lip service or promises here…the ladies are comforted and encouraged to move on with a new look on life and a purpose that can not lose to sex, bad choices in men, and from families that may not have loved and cared for them in the manner that they should have.

Asha: How can you and your organization help change the history of many wealthy Black men who prefer to marry Mexican women who may at times pose as Italian women and white women who have children with mixed blond red hair, and who shun full black children. What is your organization doing to preserve the identity of the Black Women in America in the light of this family-related information?

Marcia: This is a hard job because consciously and subconsciously black men have always envied, feared, and hated the white man. Therefore a chance of having a white woman on their arm has meant a feeling of worth, power, and acclaim for them as black men. The rich and wealthy black men also hold out for esteem and equalization with white men by having the white woman as his wife. Take a look at most of the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and other related sports teams. Most of what you see on their arms are Mexican, Latina, white and other races of women.

"Many black women are usually out the door mistresses or high price call girls only used for a day or two. They do not become their treasured wives. So sad. Our organization has monthly meetings, weekly conversations and to help address the real black woman within with a focus that no matter where you came from in life, the destination through love leads the way to healthy self-esteem and confidence to stand and know whatever you look like and whatever you do not have…hey hey hey…the buck stops here! You were created to look like you look, smell like you smell, and move like you move and it is really alright!"

The focus of a black race with black men are and is compromised when most of all the TV commercials now are showing black men with white women and orange and blonde mixed children. Follow the streets to their doors and see who opens the doors. Black women are just about killing themselves trying to wear long wigs, lots of makeup, long eyelashes not their own, and working out till they almost drop dead to capture the attention of the black man and any man for that matter that slaver has unearthed within. The fact that over 30 million abortions since 1973 bear this out within the last 5 years. Do not run to the history books but google the stats. No one seems to want a future for blacks.

Asha: Please elaborate on a few steps you are taking to remove one of the major and unjust existing problems faced by dark-skinned black women who are refused to be employed by their would-be employers.

Marcia: We are teaching and saying…become your own business. Create anything of worth and make it your own. Stop begging and crying for a 9–5 job knowing that at the end of the cycle or day, you have lost a generation behind you. I am so tired of so-called professional women standing smiling with a cap and gown on and then when they go home….no food on the table, kids have gone wherever, no one to help them with homework or love work, and then want to show up at the jails and prisons faking a cry. They need to look at the real cause of all of the wholesale crimes committed by children, teens, and young adults.

"Gone all day for the sake of a dollar and to bring the paycheck home to men addicted to themselves and the home left in crumbles. You never hear the stats on latchkey kids or abused kids. No mother in the home. That smile most share is wiped off their faces at the cemeteries and graveyards the youth lay in."

Asha: What are your thoughts on improving the plight of the present black unemployed women who are always left low on the economic ladder because the men are reluctant to spend their finances on them.

Marcia: The women that have been employed are told, shown, and encouraged to get back into the streets where most have come from and help educate other women, help others crying, and to stop being backbiters behind a grin with jealousy of each other. This trait is seen very commonly among the black race. You see it in the clicks they are raised up and in the envy of other black women that keeps them apart from helping each other.

"Look at the Mexican women and how they help keep other kids during the day so the ablest can get ahead. Look at the Chinese and Asians who live for the sake of others in their race and then look at the black women standing in the beauty shops and clothing stores hollering at their kids to shut up."

Asha: How can the plight of black women improve when most black men do not want their women staying home to raise their children and instead want them in the workforce slaving with or behind them? These black women often suffer from physical and mental breakdowns in their struggles to juggle between their work and their families.

Marcia: Right now in the eyes of more affluent black women they do not give a damn what the black man has to say. They say I got money in the bank, this house is mine, that car outside is mine and in my name and whatever I want I can buy. So in essence the black man no longer has power over the black woman like 50, 75 years ago. The Black man has lost respect as head of the house when the black woman went to work, and when he found out she really did no longer need him to feed and house the family. That was his key role for uneducated black women who were walking up and down the roads with 6–7–8–9 kids following her. No more! Abortion rights, money in her brassiere, and a plethora of choices now are at hand to do what she no longer needed a black man to do for her.

Asha: Elaborate a few ways to improve the existing trend of most black men chasing entertainment and sports careers and no longer want a traditional marriage leaving the black woman behind to fend for herself and the children in the world.

Marcia: The black man is no longer interested. He could care less. Money has become his God and fame his crown. Many black men are in and out of the closet of revolving lifestyles therefore traditional family burdens are a phantom of the past. The black man has new freedoms he also did not have and now he is the handmaids' tool of the entertainment world rolling in billions.

He is a willing puppet and subject drunk and doped on power and fame. The only problem with this is the fact that he has not conquered his limited life span so oh well.

Asha: Once black men get a real black woman, is it true he works behind the scenes to encourage her to look and act like a white woman, and behave like a white woman. It is a blemish to the identity of black women. How can this be improved?

Marcia: It can only be improved if Mama gets to pull that headscarf off and the blue wig and read him his rights. He does not have her fooled. She knew what she got. Call the man out and then put him out. Mama always said…keep a dime in your purse for a phone call. Call him out and put him out.

Asha: Some say there is no future for a black woman if she is a half-black woman. Can you suggest a few ways in which this belief, which is a curse to the identity of women, can be eradicated?

Marcia: Well in some instances there is a future for half-black women. They have got to be encouraged and trained to choose which side of life they will work on and live on and be held accountable to accept their positions. All women can arrive at high points in self-satisfaction all the while remembering if they have a womb, that makes them special for a special calling on their lives.

"They need to accept their divine purpose and not an insane purpose and honor their selection. We all have a cross to bear and that means standing up for what we as women were meant and desired to be."

Asha: Lastly the expectation that black women should be the next superhero leaves behind the black women to a bleak future due to lack of opportunities for their training. Suggest a few ways in which these black and dark-skinned women can be trained to form their own black salute.

Marcia: No matter what fake news or phony textbooks may say and teach, there is only one superpower in the universe. Psalm 83:18. Men and women need to recognize that they were not created to be superpowers with a limited life span of 70–80 years. What kind of superpower is that? One who has no power in his own being to live forever but who has to lay down and die at an appointed time he did not select?

"The black, white, yellow, and brown, and all in between will only have a future on earth and in the skies above if he truly recognizes a higher power and a glorious power made and created in his image. That is the real future for all of us."

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