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  • Published August 28, 2021
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If you are watching the news or have some technical knowledge, then you must know the most dangerous spyware that has affected several countries. The name of this spyware is Pegasus. It can hack almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Now you must wonder how to protect your devices against Pegasus spyware. The answer is with Bitdefender antivirus security. Bitdefender uses amazing technology to identify the form of Pegasus spyware on your smartphones and tablets. Not only this, with frequent updates, it protects your device from all the latest malware and spyware.

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What is Pegasus spyware?

NSO Group created Pegasus, and it’s one of the most advanced and dangerous spyware has ever been made. It can infect all operating systems, especially smartphones and tablets. It can breach the security of all the popular applications which you have on your device. This spyware is capable to record your calls, copy your send/receive messages details and take a screenshot without your permission. It can access the camera and microphone of your phone and tablet. Over 35 countries, including Mexico, UAE, and Georgia, have been affected by this spyware.

How to protect your smartphones and tablets?

Pegasus can take advantage of your minor mistake or find a loophole in your mobile and tablet security. Once your device gets infected, it allows access to all your device data and, with the help of a microphone and camera, it becomes easy to monitor your daily routine. Also, with the access of other smart devices such as smart TVs, it can record your private moments.

Follow the below steps to keep your device safe from Pegasus spyware:

Always use the updated operating system.

Don’t install any unknown app unless you are sure about its source.

Scan your device frequently with Bitdefender mobile security for Android and iOS.

Make sure your antivirus is up to date.

Open settings> permission to find out which application has the admin rights and uninstall it if you don’t recognize that application

Monitor your data and battery usage. If your phone or tablet uses more data and battery than before, then consult with an expert.

Make sure you have enabled the phone lock feature.

If you need a piece of expert advice to protect your device against Pegasus spyware, then get in touch with our Bitdefender Customer Support Team UK.

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