Negotiation etiquette: why conspicuous body armor can make negotiations difficult. The opinion of owner of "Demidov Armor"

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  • Published September 27, 2021
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An owner of the atelier just moved to the capital for business in the line of selling body armor. The atelier is named “Demidov Armor” and has now an outlet in the capital. The clients of the company are not just businessmen but also government officials and security companies. They provide the overall best body armors which can be easily carried and wore without any difficulty. This company facilitates their clients with qualitative body armors which can fully secure the one who wears them. When any company provides purely original and qualitative products to their clients, their business becomes worldwide popular. So Demidov armor company is now known around the globe for their spectacular work in providing the best-sewed armors till date. Clients have now begun to give them private orders and are demanding armored suits on demand according to their given conditions.

According to the company, the safety and wellbeing of the armor user come first so they sew armors accordingly. Their unfaltering adage is "A DETECTED THREAT IS A NEUTRALIZED THREAT and a DETECTED PROTECTION IS A NEUTRALIZED PROTECTION". As any professional recommend nowadays, the security of high-profile businessmen or a politician is very important because they are very well known all around the world. The armor wore by any high-profile person or his security guards should be well hidden and worn professionally. Any attacker can proceed to harm security professionals by getting them off-guard giving them no time to respond. They are also providing the service in which they give instructions for the safety of their clients and also guide security guards on how to react in emergencies when anyone tries to harm their boss.

Anybody should be prepared for the sudden attack so the Demidov company has provided the best-sewed armors which are not so heavy but have been made with perfect material that fully secures the armor user. They recommend wearing transparent body armor so that nobody gets suspicious in your surroundings and also to minimize the tension among the civilians. Demidov Armor provides the best and be-fitted armor for the safety of their clients. They facilitate their clients with Body armor that can be easily carried and fits the person without causing any fuss. Whoever buys body armor from them is very satisfied. High-profile persons are now easily going to public places without worrying about their lives.

Their clients are facilitated with 100 percent qualitative and safety assuring armors. Whenever any attack has happened, the clients were secured by body armor as it covers the vital parts of the body. The security professionals wearing these armors react quickly on the spot because whenever any bullet hits them it doesn’t even cause them any minor injury. At their company, there is every sort of body armor available from level II to level IIIa vest are available in a very wide range. Soft armors of below levels from level IIIa are also available which can be provided to their clients on demand.

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