Covid Conspiracies and the Animal Rights community in Victoria, Australia

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  • Author April Boxshall
  • Published September 6, 2021
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Let us think rationally if that is possible.

Why would any government, left, right, or in the middle, proceed with the up-popular choice of a lockdown if they did not believe it was the only choice available at the time? Seriously think about that.

I grew up with politics being something that one should always take notice of. As a child, there was always political talk happening around the house. My parents were both politically engaged and encouraged their children to be the same. Mum didn't just watch a little April cry, absolutely devastated at the sight of the Dolphin slaughter in Japan, instead Mum offered actions I could take for positive change (an animal rights activist was born).

I was not taught to blindly accept what our governments or other authorities put forward, but rather to question and fight for change if I felt it was needed. I have lived my life like that and have taught my children the same.

For those in the movement of animal rights who are on the side of covid deniers, anti-vaxxers or so-called freedom fighters; do you realise what calling for the sacking of Dan Andrews would mean? Who do you propose an alternative - Michael O'Brien? The re-hashed Matthew Guy? Seriously, anyone from the right side of politics?

As an example of where the loyalties of the Liberal/coalition lie, the previous Agriculture Minister in the Dennis Napthine Coalition Government, Peter Walsh, (who still sits in parliament), told me he felt sorry for me not having dairy in my diet, and no, he would not change the legal stance of baby calves allowed to go 30 hours without food and water before these babies are slaughtered.

No, this also has not changed under our current state government of the Labor party, but a whole lot has in the positive direction for animals. I seriously encourage you to look through the voting history of the right and see that animals have ZERO HOPE under a Liberal/coalition government. The Liberal/coalition's stance on anything is making a dollar, especially off someone they can exploit and enslave as easily as animals.

Yes, I am firmly rusted on the left side of politics. I come from a working-class family and stand with workers and the unions that support them. I also stand with anyone, no matter their species, who is disadvantaged or discriminated against.

I was not always like this, although, always left. I didn't see my learned racism. I didn't see my learnt sexism.

My family are not horrible people, but there is subtle and not so subtle racism and sexism.

I met a beautiful man when I was 19, and he was patient with me. No, he was/is not perfect – like all of us – far from it, but he has always been one to fight against most 'isms', particularly racism (like me, he is learning to un-learn our subtle sexism).

At the risk of sounding like a complete tosser, we are all on a journey of learning. We all want someone to blame or rail against, but sometimes there is no one to blame.

Humans are not immune to disease. It is arrogant to suggest this. Coming up with a conspiracy theory and claiming that Covid 19 is not real suggests that arrogance. We are susceptible to disease, and we have had pandemics reign upon our species before.

We are a smart species in some ways (yet so so stupid in others – think climate change). We are smart enough to keep beating Mother Nature as she tries to curb our species on this planet – and quite rightly so when you look at the damage our species causes.

We can fight disease with the invention of many medicines. I'm sure even the anti-vaxxers have all had a dose or two of penicillin in their lives. We also have vaccines that have almost irradicated certain diseases that attack our species – like measles and polio.

I believe in science. Science and the scientists that study and research our planet and all who inhabit it are incredible. That is why I trust the science that these scientists have come up with to battle this pandemic, and I urge all to do the same so we can all move forward and overcome this Covid 19 virus.

I also urge all to adopt a vegan diet to prevent more zoonotic diseases from attacking our species. This change also makes a massive positive contribution to stopping climate change, and the best thing about living vegan - you are no longer a contributor to animal suffering.

I am an animal rights activist living in Victoria, Australia. I love to write and usually have something to say about things happening in the world around me.

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