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  • Published November 6, 2021
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By: Namoh

India and the United States of America

India and the USA are two different and similar countries in a lot of ways. It is easier to identify the differences than identifying the similarities. India and the USA are different and similar in their culture, government, and the way they celebrate their special events like Christmas and Diwali.

The Government

Both India and the USA were colonized countries. In fact, they were both colonized by the British. Just like the Indian government’s political figures are for the people, USA political figures are only for the people and their care. Both governments care about their people and their society. They wouldn’t want to betray their own country. The US government promotes peace and compassion for their country. Similarly, the Indian government does not like violence and tries to keep its country safe. Both the Indian government and the US government think about the future, well-being, and development of their country. Last but not the least, both countries hire qualified officials and well-selected leaders to make the country better.

Although India and the USA were colonized by the British, the USA got freedom before India. The USA got its independence on the 4th of July 1776, while India got its independence on the 15th of August 1947. On one hand, there are two major parties in India, the INC (Indian National Congress) and the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), there are other hundreds of regional parties. However, in the US, there are only two major parties which are: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. In India, the elected head of the government is the Prime Minister, but in the US, the head of the government is the president. The USA has a presidential form of government, whereas there is a parliamentary form of government in India. In India, there is only one constitution for the whole country, meanwhile, in the US, the constitution and the federal system depend on the state to state.

The Culture

The cultures in both countries are the same and also different. First of all, there is a lot of celebration at both festivals. There is also a lot of respect given to the elders. Both countries have a specific tradition and rituals that is mandatory for them to follow. Things have to go according to their plan. Both countries are competitive regarding their culture. Most importantly, both countries give value and respect to their culture.

On one hand, the Indian culture is very unique and has its values and special importance. On the other hand, the American culture is a mix of other cultures which does not make it unique enough. India is still a developing country. It still needs improvements. On the contrary, the USA is already a well-developed country. The Indian culture is very old, unlike the American culture which is just a modern culture. In the Indian culture, the family is very oriented to each other, whereas the family in the American culture is more individually oriented. Finally, in the Indian culture, a person may give up his or her wishes and happiness for the sake of the family, but this trend is not visible at all in the American Culture.

The festivals

The main festivals in India and the USA, which are Diwali and Christmas, differ and are similar to each other. Starting with the similarities, in both festivals, there is a big feast prepared. A variety of main courses and desserts are made. In both festivals, families come together and ding with each other. Children get excited at both festivals as they are given presents at both festivals. Like in India, the whole USA celebrates these special festivals. Fireworks are used to celebrate Diwali like at Christmas.

There are different decoration items used to decorate the house in both cases. On Diwali, there are special candles used. These special candles are called “DIYAS.” They are used to decorate the house. At Christmas, people decorate the Christmas tree and put it in their houses. The Christmas trees are usually big and lightened up. Rituals are very different in both festivals. On Diwali, it is not allowed to eat meat and or drink alcohol. Meanwhile, at Christmas, it is fine to drink wine and meat. Diwali falls on different dates. It varies from year to year. It is different at Christmas where there is a fixed date. Christmas falls on 25th December every single year.

These are the major differences between the USA and India. According to my, both countries is well civilized and good. They equally vary in their similarities and differences.

By: Namoh

My name is Namoh Anand and I am comparing and contrasting India and the USA.

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