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  • Author Taylor Phipps
  • Published December 8, 2021
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“Racist” Roads

Recently an infrastructure bill was voted on with the promise to fix American roads. Not because they are run down, broken, or old but because they are racist. Racist. Apparently, American roads are racist. How could roads be racist? Well for one, because it is the new liberal, millennial mentality to believe that basically everything is racist. The real definition of racism has been twisted by the left. Real racism is the discrimination of a race or ethnic group that usually refers to one group as superior and the other as inferior. Racism does exist in the United States but not to the exaggerated extent that the media and democrats suggest.

One of the main reasons that the roads are described as racist is because cities and construction groups would build highways on poorer neighborhoods, which usually were “black neighborhoods.” These roads were built either built to separate poor and richer neighborhoods or to build a needed highway. This is initially confused with segregation, which in some cases the roads actually had segregated Americans in the past. However, very few are actually presently segregated by these roads.

It was not morally right to evict poor residents from their houses in order to build roads. However, it makes sense financially. It is just like America using other 2nd and 3rd world countries to produce and manufacture products because it is cheaper, even though isn’t always morally right. The separation of the neighborhoods also makes sense in some perspectives. Richer neighborhoods have nicer houses and being separated from poorer communities reduces the crime and gang activity in that neighborhood. Making it safer. New housing is also usually separated from other communities. Crime mainly exists in poorer neighborhoods because they are more prone to gang activities. The main reason people join gangs is that they want to make a better living for themselves by cheating the system: stealing, selling drugs, doing, drugs, and etc.

If people in these poorer communities found more motivation or support to graduate high school with good grades or even decent grades and aimed for college, they can leave these neighborhoods. If they put education first then they can make a better life for themselves by pursuing the American dream. Although, poorer communities tend to have poor schools that give students a poor education. The government should work on fixing the education system and these schools. Maybe if we focused more on math and science than victimizing black kids with CRT then they would get a better education. Technology and social media are also a distraction in schools. Another reason kids are struggling in schools is that some school boards have a no homework policy. Which is honestly the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. Homework may cause some stress but it is so helpful and proven to help kids.

America and American roads are not racist. Even if few roads were used to segregate neighborhoods a long time ago, it would be stupid to assume that all American roads are racist. Even if Pete Buttigieg didn’t mean exactly that. It is easy for someone to assume that all American roads are racist and that is clearly an incorrect statement. As a country, we should aim to build and expand the middle, working class.

The new infrastructure bill gives a small percentage to the '“racist,” roads. The rest goes to more of the left’s agenda. The left should start prioritizing the American people and stop abusing their power.

I am a tenth grader in Texas, with aspirations of becoming a writer

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