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Numbers affect each other: they reinforce, balance, and weaken each other’s effects.

The predominance and lack of numbers is also a problem.

The energies missing from the numeroscope can be imported somewhat with a proper name change, on the one hand, and by choosing a partner who has the energies missing from us (synastria), on the other hand.

The even numbers (feminine energy): 2, 4, 6, 8 have a material effect, but not only on money, but on everything related to earthly life, e.g. career, family, social expectation.

The relationship is essential for them, they also have an effect on the other sex, the relationship is natural for them. 2, 4, 6 can't live without a partner, 8 can try all his life, but he's the hardest because he's the most violent and the most independent.

Even numbers also mean good associations.

The odd numbers (masculine energy): 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 difficulty with them because highly independent. In addition, the number 1, 3, 5 and even numbers are very fast numbers, so they are difficult to follow, they are constantly on the move, they know a lot of people, they travel a lot, they move a lot, they usually have several relationships at once /, for they are constantly looking for the real, it does not even occur to them that there is a problem with them, this is also true for 7, 9.

Odd numbers don’t show very good opportunities in business associations. He warns me to be careful. It means that one, even if associated with someone, may prefer to get out of the relationship as a loser, unless the Fate Number promises good associations, especially 2 or 6. You better count on yourself.

In numerology, of course, all numbers can be related to a planet, and their properties and analogies are interpreted. Based on my knowledge and experience, of course I have a definite opinion about the relationship between planets and numbers, but there is currently no consensus among numerologists on this, so I decided not to mention planets in this writing, but an astrologer can easily identify them.

We have nine numbers, in numerology we distinguish 9 personality types. Through numerology report 2022 you can find out your real personality and traits.

Numerology Personality Type 1: The Leader

Masculinity, creative power, ego, reason, will, intelligence, creativity, leadership, domination, awareness.

Its radiance is attention-grabbing, fiery energy, it can’t go unnoticed when you enter the door. He is a conservative type, yet a carrier of original ideas with which he contributes to the development of his own and his environment. He has a good problem-solving ability, a consistent, specifically leading type who is able to go to extremes for a goal. Losing self-confidence can make you proud, superior and egocentric.

His philosophy of life: "To live in the spotlight, to amaze, to sunbathe, to consider life as a game."

His problem: Perfection is manic. He is afraid that he is not perfect, so he is maximalist and always dissatisfied with himself.

Occupation: Prime Minister, CEO, conductor.

Numerology Personality Type 2: Helper

Femininity, inclusion, sensitivity, emotionality, lability, worry, influence, subconscious.

He is an extremely empathetic, understanding, helpful personality who is highly dependent on his environment for his spiritual lability. It is difficult to take responsibility, indecisive, there is a problem with self-esteem. You can’t convince yourself with arguments, just on an emotional basis. Typical Victim. A pleasant conversational partner, it easily opens people’s souls, but he’s hard to figure out. Its mood is changeable (like the moon), unpredictable. It has excellent intuitions.

His philosophy of life: “Slow water, washes the shore” - The power is in the weakness that the problems are solved on their own, which is not solved, it suffers a lot.

Problem: She thinks she doesn’t like her enough, so she manipulates her emotions. It always helps for love. You have to learn to say no!

Occupation: Full-time mother, all kinds of helping occupation, cook, social or human field, diplomacy.

Numerology Personality Type 3: Fun

Connection, communication, mediation, travel, quick wit, superficiality.

It is fast-paced, open to all information and responds immediately. It is a tool of the mind, a weapon of word, thought and writing. A good humorous community person. He is not specifically seeking leadership. Success-oriented, prepared for his job. It’s important for her to be focused, she needs admirers. It requires a lot of variety, so it’s usually not a loyal type.

Philosophy of life: "I'm successful!"

Problem: You're afraid it's not popular enough. That’s why you chase success and avoid failure. His range of interests is wide, he has no patience to delve into things, so his knowledge can be superficial.

Occupation: journalist, reporter, performer, politician, teacher, kindergarten teacher, where you can talk and there is an audience.

Numerology Personality Type 4: Realistic

Materiality, stability, concentration, conservatism, honesty, accuracy.

Extremely reliable, precise, intelligent personality capable of high concentration. He always takes responsibility for his actions. It handles money well, if you have little of it, you can skillfully distribute it and you can save a lot. He is prone to pessimism, to bitterness. It's hard to change. Positive thinking is far from it, always preparing for the worst. It is a critical nature that has high expectations of itself and others.

Philosophy of life: I work a lot and I will be happy!

Problem: Pessimism due to lack of self-confidence, attracts negative energies. He is prone to suffering.

Occupation: responsible, financial field, administrative work.

Numerology Personality Type 5: Optimistic

Luck, energy, fulfillment, generosity, wisdom, truth, faith, inner strength, optimism.

A flexible personality blessed with self-confidence, knowledge and excellent expressiveness. His sense of justice has a sophisticated, objective judgment. He is tolerant of other people and enjoys popularity in his environment. He loves to travel and spend money. Lucky type. His faith is strong, he attracts good things. He doesn’t want to own others, he can change his life at any time.

His philosophy of life: “Close your eyes halfway if you want to love well,” can be forgiving, forgiving of the mistakes of others.

His problem: He fears that others will consider him stupid and empty so he learns forever. Too objective, emotionally unable to give himself, his independence is very important.

Occupation: Writer, journalist, teacher, lawyer, politician.

Numerology Personality Type 6: Harmonic

Family, love, affection, beauty, kindness, softness, harmony, arts, materiality.

It usually carries with it various marks of beauty. With his kind, engaging nature, he has a big impact on the other sex. He has an advanced artistic sense and good taste. It can make others happy. Relationships, financial and emotional security are extremely important to him. He can’t live in bad conditions, the lack of harmony tip over. Conservative, rules are important. It gives a lot to appearances and conformity to the outside world. It is difficult to take responsibility. He can't stand criticism either. Self-certification.

Philosophy of life: “To help, but not selflessly. Everything has a price. ”

His problem: He tends to deal with the problems of others, to live the lives of others, to interfere, to possess them emotionally, and if he refuses: he is the Martyr.

Occupation: doctor, nurse, beautician, beauty industry, art, interior design.

Numerology Personality Type 7: Purposeful

Cohesiveness, narrowing stiffness, frameworks, boundaries, goals, task, utilitarianism, analysis, spiritual energies, “sixth sense,” spirituality.

Lonely type, likes to retire from company. He suppresses his emotions, his demeanor is measured, he is seldom enthusiastic. Position is important. He has a good business sense. The standards are high, the expectations are high. Possession of material goods is more important to him than enjoyment of the acquired goods. It has an excellent but selective memory. Fate will soon signal if you make a mistake. It is his life’s duty to become an spiritual leader.

Philosophy of life: "Everything will have its time"

His problem: He is too shy, he can't show his emotions, so he is at a disadvantage in human relationships, he may become prone to colds.

Occupation: inspector, auditor, detective, researcher, engineer, psychologist, religious leader, astrologer, numerologist.

Numerology Personality Type 8: Warrior

Speed, momentum, instinct, materiality, risk, accidents, debates, successes, failures.

He is a dynamic, dynamic, domineering, sometimes aggressive personality. He is a passionate instinct with an excellent business acumen and problem-solving ability for whom material and bodily pleasures are extremely important. It requires and dares to take risks, it rarely and for a short time enters a state of rest and harmony. He is a benevolent, straightforward, not very diplomatic man. The great champion of truth who stands up for others, if need be, opposes the law. He tends to go head to head against the wall.

His philosophy of life is, "What is in my heart is in my mouth."

His problem: He wants to rule others because he's afraid they'll rule him otherwise.

Occupation: athlete, surgeon, lawyer, businessman.

Numerology Personality Type 9: Spirituality

Universality, dissolution, enlightenment, sensitivity, spirituality, spiritual strength.

This number is the pinnacle of Perception, Artistic Expression, and Spiritual Line, which means many good qualities and abilities, which is why it is the task of perfecting the world. The highest spiritual number. He understands everything, he learns everything quickly, but if he is not consistent, he can shred himself. The most sensitive type of personality, it is difficult to get in harmony with his fellow human beings because he is unable to accept the imperfections of the world, he can be easily isolated. He longs for peace, he is excellent as a friend, he can identify with the problems of others (he also carries). His lack of inner peace is manifested in his constant grumbling. Passive aggressor with outbursts of rage.

Philosophy of life: "To dream in the middle of a lake, rocking in a boat."

His problem: He avoids conflicts because he would experience life at a low level.

Occupation: All auxiliary occupations are nursing, charity, special education teacher, nurse, artist, visionary, astrologer, numerologist, if you have earth numbers (4), you can be the biggest entrepreneur and fill a high social position.

Tina Sebastian. A numerology learner and an working nurse.

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