What is freedom to you?

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  • Author Jc Hernandez
  • Published March 4, 2022
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Hello and welcome friends! I want to talk about something that I feel very passionate about. So, let me pose you this very simple question. What is freedom? Specifically I want to ask you what freedom is to you? I ask you to please have an open mind and read this for a few minutes. I promise I’m not just rambling for nothing. I have a very definite, thought provoking thought that I need to share with you that absolutely describes who I am and what I believe in. So get your favorite cup of drink, relax and read what I have to say.

My Greatest Fear: A life of bondage to pressure

If you're not living a life you're proud of, if you are at risk of coming to the end of your life and realizing you’ve never lived. I’ve been there people and I have scars to prove it. A life full of regret, despair and hopelessness. A life of enormous pressure of living paycheck to paycheck and not seeing an end to your life. I too, have worked that job with a horrible boss who micro-managed me to the point of timing my bathroom breaks. This boss regularly cursed at me for something that I had very little control over. My self esteem took a monstrous tumble. I can’t remember when I was starting to get cussed out. I didn’t even have the self respect to defend myself and had turned into a human punching bag. The worse part was I was living paycheck to paycheck and I couldn’t afford to quit this job. I was living a life of bondage from debt.

If you want to follow your dreams and passions to set your soul on fire, this is how you do it. So this is an important idea today that we're going to look at. It's, it's not just what you're moving away from. It's what you're moving toward. So you need to know what you're moving away from. But it's just as important that you know what you're moving towards, if you know what you're moving towards, then you can gladly and happily move towards us.

What is freedom to me?

This quote is from a man named Ryan Nicodemus, one of the famous minimalists of our time. And he said, Imagine a life with less, less stuff, less clutter, less stress, and debt, and discontent. So what he's what he suggested we do, and I really, really, really agree with this, is to once you know, you want to make a change, you'd like to make changes in your life. And if you're reading this, then you have an idea of the life you want to move towards, what you want to move away from. And what he suggests you do is imagine a life with less because you can't live a simple life with a lot of stuff. I’m talking materialism. 

So imagine the life of your dreams. Imagine a life with less stuff. But with more travel. Imagine fitting everything you own into a suitcase and just getting going. Imagine a life that is so frugal, that you rarely need to work, you can work 23-46 months out of the year, maybe you can work a year, and then take two years off. Imagine a life lived under your conditions, a life of freedom and a life of your choice. This is my dream. I’m talking minimalism.

Picture a life of freedom: Living your dreams

So changing is hard, it's fearful. All your fear wants to paralyze you into your comfort zone. And so part of breaking out of the comfort zone is to create a mental image in your mind of what you're moving towards. And by reading this right now, I'm sure you're creating this image in your mind of what your life could be. And once you have started to solidify what you want your life to me, and and the life of your dreams, the life of your passions, what makes your heart sing and set your soul on fire. Keep it in the front of your mind and say I'm going to do that. I'm going to do that. Today I'm going to take a small step that moves me towards that life, that life of my dreams. The life of such a frugal life. I'm not a slave a wage anymore.

I'm not a slave to money. I’m not a slave to a job and to a demanding boss. I no longer have to use my lunch hour to squeeze in a time for job interviews. No more garbage boss for me.

Take back your self respect and dignity you once had

Imagine going to a job interview, to interview your employer for their fitness to work with you! If you sense any arrogance, competitiveness or paranoia during the interview, YOU have the option to terminate the interview because they are not good enough for you and your time! You choose who you work for, regardless of the pay because your life is frugal and need very little money to live and you have emergency money in the bank. Yes, cash is king and you have it.

If my boss is awful to me, I go to him and say I'm done here. You're awful to me, I'm not going to work for you, I'm going to go find another job, you can do that. You can have your money because you don't need any money. You know, you can either need so much money that you have to put up with a high paying but very demanding, even demeaning boss, who just treats you so badly; OR you can need so little to live and be happy that you can break his control over your life.

So imagine a life so frugal that you need so little money that you own and control your life. You can go where you want to go, you can be what you want to be. You can live simply and just have the life of adventure and travel that you long for. But it all begins with recognizing I don't like where I am and I want my own life. I want this life and imagining that new life in your mind. A new life with less stress with less discontent with less stuff with less money with less need for money, and more and more and more. I'm talking Freedom!

You break the chains of materialism. Because that's what makes you a slave. That dollar makes you a slave and you got to break it. So create this new image of what you're moving towards, be aware of what you're moving from, and take daily steps, daily, small steps.

Take a baby step on a regular basis, to move towards the life of your dreams, living the life that you've created in your mind. And it's out here in front of you. You're driving down the road with the beautiful scenery because there's somewhere else I want to be right now. So I'm going, that can be you.

I hope you hold on to the dream and you put it in your mind and you make it happen. Take the actions necessary to make it happen. folks, I hope you got something out of this.

Have you noticed that there are more older workers in America? Life is getting especially hard for those who are in retirement age and this picture is getting a lot worse. What can you do about it so that you can retire and not having to work in your older years. I’ll tell you about it next.

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