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  • Author Flynn Wright
  • Published February 21, 2022
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Picking up woman is nothing but mind games. Sure, being rich and good looking helps but when you see average looking men with beautiful woman, it does beg the question, how do they do that?

Supreme clothing, and Hermes handbags, once were or still are highly looked upon items of fashion that many are begging to get their hands on. With limited releases that mean it is difficult to obtain and high prices which cannot be justified even if the quality is three times better than something one one-hundredth of the price. So why do people love them so much? Why are people trying so hard, waiting for the release and trying to have the fastest fingers, or purchasing thousands to even be considered for a handbag, just to give a company their money? Yet the companies are making millions, from doing this on purpose.

Why are you actively convincing a woman that you are a good enough option when in reality, you should be the one getting pursued?

The approach

Keep it casual and confident, walk up to the woman you would like to pursue, small introduction and then just start talking about something completely random, point out the awkward couple trying to hit it off with each other and laugh with her, make little jokes about the décor of the room your in. Do it all with the tone of voice you speak to your mates in, friendly body language and taking the conversation completely off yourselves at first will psychologically make her feel like you’re someone she’s known for years and is completely comfortable with, thereby removing any first encounter awkwardness. Furthermore, this gives off the impression that you’re not nervous, you don’t care about what she thinks, you’re not trying to brag or take a fake interest in her life, and it either works or it doesn’t. You are not trying to win her because in your mind you don’t care at all about her opinion. This completely removes the power from her side of the court that she’s used to holding. So, you must be different, you must be special.

Making her yours.

Ever wonder why some woman are always in relationships? Some woman just goes from long term to long term boyfriends, and as soon as its over it seem like they are with someone new straight away? Talking to these woman is usually a mixture of your first thoughts that she isn’t that special to you falling in love. These woman aren’t any different to any other woman you meet and yet you and all the men around her seem to fall in love. Just like the limited releases of clothing previously mentioned, it’s almost like these woman are limited release, and when you see someone else with the thing that you know you can’t have then for some reason it just seems better and better. I mean everyone knows you want what you can’t have and that is completely it. You can’t have the woman, so you want her, then as soon as more men want her, she seems even more desirable and this example also works for woman looking at men. If you aren’t always available for this woman then she’s going to want you even more.

Practical application of this can be incredibly simple. Not being there whenever the woman, you’re trying to pursue wants you, will just make her want you even more. Just doing things like rebooking a date you were meant to go on or ending her call but calling her back later on just means you aren’t always there when she wants you to be. However, failure to be available at all will just mean she may lose interest so don’t overuse this technique. Sometimes if you feel like you are being played by a woman and she’s just stringing you along, finding someone new short term can show that you aren’t always available, as well as creating a sense of urgency and when you are actually available.

Flynn Wright,

Excellent people watcher and interested in what makes people do the things they do.

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