Why Dating is So Hard in 2022

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  • Published December 19, 2022
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Dating has steadily been getting harder in recent years, and the pandemic hasn’t helped much. With hook-up culture, ghosting, and other modern dating complications, it is not surprising that 47% of Americans say that dating is harder today than it was ten years ago. In fact, only one-third of adults agree that dating is about the same as it was a decade ago, with only 19% saying that it is easier. If you’re interested to learn why modern dating is so hard in 2022, keep reading.

Lack of Communication

Communication is vital. These days, people just aren’t sure how to communicate their wants, needs, and feelings. Often, women don’t communicate their needs and desires as frequently as they should. A lot of women subconsciously presume that their needs in a relationship are not as important as their partner’s. At the same time, men don’t communicate their feelings often enough because they are taught that being emotional isn’t “manly” enough.

This lack of communication wrecks havoc on relationships and needs to be taken seriously when dating. As Kendra Cherry wrote for VeryWellMind.com, “Being able to talk openly and honestly with the people in your life allows you to share, learn, respond, and forge lasting bonds. This is a vital part of any relationship … but it can be particularly important in romantic relationships.”


Another reason that dating is so hard in 2022 is the use of technology to date. With the introduction of low-quality dating apps in the 2010s, dating has been looking grimmer and grimmer. For example, dating apps have normalized the harsh judgment of potential suitors. In the few seconds it takes to swipe right or left, people have made a quick judgment that may not be correct. It is difficult to read through a few sentences about someone’s likes and dislikes and know whether you are meant to be. In this sense, it is understandable that people are resorting to an arbitrary selection of dates. However, it is not the most helpful process of elimination when looking for a partner.

Additionally, dating apps introduced the process of ghosting. This is where one person doesn’t respond to messages after a date. As Dr. Tirrell Degannes says, “People that ‘ghost’ are too afraid or too rude to address their own feelings of discomfort.” It can be easy to detach yourself from a person you just met, making ghosting a tempting option. However, ghosting can be hard on those who need confirmation that a relationship won’t be progressing any further. This is especially true if the date seemed to be going well in the first place.

People Are Fearful

Women are much more likely than men to say that dating is harder than it used to be (55% of women versus 39% of men). This may be because of the extra risk involved. In fact, 21% of people think that it is harder to date today because of the physical and emotional risks, like being assaulted, lied to, or scammed.

Women are twice as likely as men to cite these increased risks as a reason why dating is more difficult (26% vs. 13%). In addition, date rape and harassment are only on the rise. One survey found that 57% of women and 35% of men have experienced some kind of harassment when dating. It’s not surprising that men and women are staying away from going on dates with strangers when this threat looms.

People Are Only Dating Strangers

Another reason why dating is so hard in 2022 is that people are not dating people they would be friends with. Because people are dating people they don’t already know using dating apps, they aren’t engaging in that “friendship phase.” This phase can be so beneficial for new relationships. Dating is done best when it’s gradual and fun, and sometimes dating a friend is even more fun than dating a stranger. When dating a stranger, you don’t have the opportunity to see whether you two have chemistry if you are not friends first. Dating people you already know can also help give you the experience you need to feel confident when dating strangers.

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