Antivid-22: The Ultimate Rebellion

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  • Author John Doom & Starry Metalcräft
  • Published April 4, 2022
  • Word count 852

'Everything that you are about to read is going to happen.'

-A single sonic sound

Canadian truckers and their buddies brought down the nightmare that had taken over their country. Every lawless restriction was dropped: no more masks or lockdowns, no more vaccine passports and, especially, no more vaccine mandates; the violation of human rights ended. All the elected officials who had committed war crimes, including their leader Fidel Castro’s son Big Trudy (Justin Trudeau) were exposed to the world and prosecuted and dealt with accordingly, Torquemada reversed without passion and without mercy. Then the dominoes were stopped from falling and turned back the other way, to fall against the New Axis of Evil.

American truck drivers and all the blue collar men and women and children, patriots them all, rose up against their own tyrannical government and dispatched with extreme prejudice the terrorist groups in Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The police and military stepped aside appearing neutral, by the law, as the soy boys and bedwetters and keyboard warriors were hammered into the earth. The government was overthrown and thus it was discovered that Donald Trump had, indeed, won the 2020 election. Righteously did the trumpets blare his return to the White House. And China tucked its tail between its legs.

All over the world, similar events took place, with the 99% waking up and revolting against the 1% who, it turns out, were not as smart as they thought they were. All the supposedly elected regimes, puppets for China and the Global Elite, were replaced with Maxime “Mad Max” Bernier in Canada, Don “The Donald” Trump in the United States, and similar people placed in power in other nations returned to liberty. Even Russia teamed up with our heroes.

Meanwhile, in places like the WHO and the banks and Big Tech and the corporations, with all the mainstream media shills indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions, time had run out. For all those in power who had abused it, time had run out. The Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention and karma came calling.

And the Antichrist, without the steps in place for Rapture, just simply went away without consequence, which kept the Middle East from unifying, kept the sands from burning. There was no need for alien annihilation.

The entire planet was awakened like Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom from the black charm of fear that had allowed the New Perfectibilists to write into existence their own Amorality Play. In that light, final stage their dreams were victory and, waking up, vanquished was the pain and the anxiety. No more tears only merciful sleep and the people, the common folk got their freedoms back along with all the doctors and scientists, awakening themselves and recoiling violently at what they had done, quickly figured out a cure for the virus vaccines and the word vaccine was again defined by what it was. Gaia and her animals joined these people in a grand celebration. The 99% were mostly unaware that they had changed the alignment of the stars.

The world no longer danced to the strings of the richest and most powerful puppetmasters in the world.

Globalism, that New Axis of Evil, the people behind the curtains at Bohemian Grove, the 1% of the 1%: George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the Five Families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and still others like Bill Gates and the Obamas; what of them? What happened to the Neo Sun Cult? And of their shadowy, pre-human superiors, what of their fate? Well, remember when we told you that the Antichrist came and went without consequence. . .that wasn’t entirely true. At their next blasphemous Sabbath, in some dark corner of the earth, they held their greatest ceremony. Opening doors they could not shut, summoning beings they could not control into circles that, in the anxiety that had been turned back upon them, they did not accurately trace. They were found clawed and bitten to shreds, burned as though touched by Vulcan, frozen as if blessed by Asgard, gassed unto a bloated corpulence and injected with endless venoms that took their time. The instability of ever-shifting winds and changing molecules was theirs as was the empty mockery of enough. With feces and urine in their eyes and mouth they were found twisted and contorted, not from their perverse, unspeakable rites but because they had had their souls blasted from them. And those with no soul knew the torment of Limbo’s Eclipse while those that had not attended were chased down like prey by cosmic hounds, and found in a similar manner all over the world.

The humans had all learned sooner that those in charge must be mocked eternal. They had, as it will be done and with unknown demon assistance, made life on earth Abaddon for the Globalists who got no break, not even in death did the sweetness of oblivion come to them, only the endless torture of the 9th Layer of Hell.

The Lord of Light had come calling and he left these words for the people: “You must always give hell to the damned.”

John Doom is a man and Starry Metalcräft is also a man

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