How Zelensky left Mariupol Ukraine open for Russia to come in?

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  • Author David Stern
  • Published May 11, 2022
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Ukrainian President Zelensky did not protect the citizens of Mariupol from an attack by Russia. The small city has been utterly destroyed, there is nothing left, the footage coming in from the city is absolutely horrific, it is hard to imagine how quickly it was ruined. Why was the city not protected, why were the citizens and local officials in Mariupol so unprepared for Russia to take swift control of the city in Ukraine? The answer is clear, the Ukrainians have a weak leader. Russia made it clear that Mariupol was a crown jewel to them as it is the link of 80% of the trade from Crimea, yet Zelensky was asleep.

Zelensky media star

The Western media has made President Zelensky a star, he is a social media hero in the United States, who help spread his fame. Zelensky gave the Americans what they love, Hollywood one-liners that spread quick popularity. One of the more memorable lines from the Ukrainian president was with the Russians at his door, when asked by Americans if he needed a plane to flee the country Zelensky answered “I don’t need a ride I need weapons”. With that one-liner Americans decided to turn Zelensky into a star, yet his military skills are less than zero. The Ukrainian president is a former actor who is perfect for the role he is playing for America, yet his act did nothing for the poor citizens of Mariupol. In the defense of Russia, they asked many times for the Ukrainians to lay down weapons so no one would get hurt, yet their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Canadian Broadcast Communications visited Mariupol just one week before the Russians entered the country, what they were surprised to find was a city well at ease with no preparations for any attack by Russia. As the citizens were interviewed, it was clear that there was absolutely no urgency. The local hospitals were not preparing for any causalities, the shops were open, and most residents did not believe any Russians were coming into the area. Despite a massive buildup of Russian troops at the entrance to Mariupol the thinking was that nothing was going to happen. Why were the citizens so at ease? It is because local officials made no preparations for an invasion, Zelensky completely ignored the city, while waiting for Americans to recuse Ukrainians if things got very bad. What made matters worse was the Ukrainian present taunting the Russians with statements of bravery, at one-point Zelensky dared the Russians to come take Mariupol, saying “you will see our faces not our backs”.

Zelensky has one plan, and that was to beg America and NATO for money and weapons, the Russians have absolutely destroyed the city, just this week the mayor of Mariupol estimated the loss of citizen life at an extremely large number. The mayor said Monday that the siege has left more than 10,000 civilians dead, their corpses “carpeted through the streets.” Mayor Vadym Boychenko said the death toll in Mariupol alone could surpass 20,000 and gave new details of allegations by Ukrainian officials that Russian forces have brought mobile cremation equipment to dispose of the corpses.

Why didn’t Zelensky prepare the good citizens of Mariupol for Russian troops entering the city? He was confident that America would bail him out, yet he failed the citizens of that small city.

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