Compounding Mistakes

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  • Author Trevor Matheson
  • Published July 26, 2022
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It is incomprehensible how anyone can, in their right mind, argue in favor of elective abortion. There are few cases where it might be appropriate to consider abortion, but those do not include reasons for convenience. The issue at hand, however, extends much further back than this simple debate.

It is undeniably true that sexual relations are a means of creating life, this fact cannot be argued, it is the nature of our bodies. Due to this fact, our decisions surrounding our participation in sexual acts should be carefully considered and cautiously carried out. In connection with the creation of life, intimacy can provide immense pleasure, attraction, and joy creating a powerful bond between those who share such an experience together. When intentions are proper those who share this experience with complete commitment and love towards one another will find more strength in their relationship.

The responsibility connected to the creation of life is quite incomprehensible. Life brought into this world is wholly dependent on those parents who created it. Every new life needs and absolutely deserves love, compassion, nurturing, and careful instruction.

Motherhood is one of the most demanding endeavors a woman will ever participate in. The requirements needed from a mother are somewhat unforgiving. She will struggle emotionally, physically and mentally and the demands which call upon her will continually change. However, a mother giving unreserved effort will find unfathomable joy in her child, and she will certainly see the reward for her efforts. It will be far greater than any monetary gain she can comprehend.

Men if you are responsible for the creation of a child you are a father and need to act as such. You are just as responsible as the woman and your actions should be reflective of this truth. When a woman becomes pregnant with your child you need to step up and accept your choices and resulting responsibility. Just as motherhood, being a father is difficult and will force you to improve yourself. Just as the mother your reward, despite its financial deficit, will match the sacrifice in value.

Women and men who have a child are parents and must support one another without reservations. They must equally, to the best of their ability care for their child. They must communicate and evenly divide out their responsibilities. Each family may divide out their responsibilities differently, but it is not up to one parent to meet these demands alone while the other flee their appropriate responsibility.

This model for companionship has been under attack for years. Marriage has been mocked and metaphorically spit on by our society. We have tried to find or invent other organizational models to replace it, but this organization when followed whole heartedly works indisputably well. This union provides security for both parents and the children. When this outward commitment is made honestly and with true intent to honor its expectations each parent is certain they will not be left alone to care for their children. They will have someone who cares for them deeply who they can lean on for support and assistance. Their children will know they are loved and will be cared for continually.

We treat sexual relations as a casual interaction, an experience simply for gratification. We have commercialized sex in order to move product. Even sold our own sexuality for monetary gain. This casual treatment of sexuality and sexual relations has led us to where we are now. Rather than recounting our past decisions that lead to an unwanted pregnancy we have indulged in talks on aborting life. A Life that has the potential to bring the mother and father who destroyed it indescribable joy. A lifetime of experiences and joy because we refused to take responsibility for our careless past. The act of aborting is a barbaric treatment of humanity.

For men and women, married or unmarried, who wish to avoid unwanted pregnancies, carefully consider your participation in sexual relations. If you decide to engage in sexual relations, you accept the definite risk of your actions and must accept any consequences to follow. If your actions result in an unwanted pregnancy, it was your own doing. An unwanted pregnancy is certainly a difficulty and will inevitably pose additional struggles in your life. However, you are not a victim and cannot act as such, accept the responsibility that is rightly yours and make the best decision for the life you created. Ideally you, the mother and father, should work tirelessly and improve your circumstances to meet the needs to care and provide for your child. If you are certain you cannot or will not provide for the child as they need, find adoptive parents to care for your offspring. It is not in your unborn child’s best interest that they die before they experienced the joys of this world and acted on the opportunities it has to offer.

I am a proud husband to a beautiful, talented and amazing wife. Also a father of adoreable and talented children. I am a professional software developer who hopes to use my skill to improve the world around me.

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