The Sound of Music-Is a Divine or Evil Act?

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  • Author Claudia Evelina Budu
  • Published August 26, 2022
  • Word count 492

According to the history, music was an enchanting and colorful, spiritual vibration of good spirit of the soul and heart! Before the war, world was delighted by frequencies of 432 Hz music., in which Earth found itself quiet but full of life, and the music came as a blessing to each of us. But with every change in the history of human's world, after the World War II, the music's frequency changed to 440Hz. Indeed, this small change of only 8 Hz., somewhat change our own life, possible our history to be. With this being said, all of us, suddenly received from a quiet and relaxing music vibration, a tumultuous and powerful, somewhat stressful music's vibration. Therefore, everyday life became faster and faster, and monies became the most powerful tool, which each of us, dream to have. As we know, the Earth is proclaiming its life by signaling to all of us and our lives, a certain vibration called Schumann vibration, which is between 7-8 Hz. As strange as it seems, this is also the difference between 432 Hz and 440 Hz. Imagine now, that the Earth is a living being as us, which has a very important role in our human race. Therefore, this small change may affect in time the wellbeing of the Earth and us as a whole. As the time passes, nowadays, we are listening to all kinds of music genre, trying to find in our own private space, happiness, and relaxation of a heart and soul already too exposed to everyday stress. Young generation needs the music to express their understanding or not to all there is, old generation as well, having the music's vibration in their existence already, is trying to keep it, as a part of their melancholic soul. Music's vibration is in fact energy, in which colors, are arising inside of a sensitive heart, that dare to think out of the box and beyond. We know, that we are here for a reason. All of us, as spiritual beings are striving to get a good life, to provide for their families, to grow in peace, their children. As the music became my last teacher to coop in this life, I am praising each of every type of music who reveal another way to live, making a difference in this world. I am always eager to listen to great concerts, with the stages crowded of people singing along, having fun, dancing together, enjoying the beautiful energy of love and togetherness inside of their soul for a couple of hours! In these treasure moments, we are planted seeds of good spiritual energy sending that to a Universe who dare to listen to us.

I guess, that our Universe can pick our human race's spiritual energy of determination through love, and light whoever comes first, the same as our trees are sending their light's energy up there, fighting for their life which has been stricken by wildfires without a real cause!

I am a PhD scientist, and a high level Reiki, Master. I am enjoying every single day in this existence, writing, creating a certain path of feeling good, doesn't matter the circumstances, I am trying to understand and have acceptance for all there is... I started to walk, a lot, feeling the Earth with every step. I feel good having flower around, I bless the hand cultivation of natural produce for food and market...

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