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  • Published September 5, 2022
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What was it that I was just about to do-TYPE!, I meant type...I think to myself. What a big deal, but not really. If I was to think “do” although I’d prefer to enhance my specificity of relaying my message, which I would’ve forgotten already if this wasn’t only just the slightest example of what it’s like having ADHD. A-D-H-D.

According to my empirical experience being diagnosed at the later age of 18, ADHO is much convenient to have rather than ADHD. Thank God ADHO now exists, because I’m literally typing it this second and it makes so much more sense. It’s an acronym for the following: Attention Divergent Hyperactive Order. ADHO is what happens to the ADHD after it’s successfully managed and treated. The reason AHO is important, is because once the brain internalized the fact that the same brain is proficiently capable of functioning properly as a “neurotypical” brain, then it will begin to proliferate connections (neuroplasticity) according to those decisions. This results in clearer thinking patterns, due to enabling clearer cognitive functioning to happen. On the contrary, if I simply kept stating “sorry, it’s because of my ADHD”, I’d only be permitting the same thing to repeat itself again. All in all, I’ve decided that I no longer have ADHD, but instead ADHO. Attention-divergent hyperactive order. Who’s with me?

Well I didn’t expect it to automatically fly up to the new DSM with the about me section stating:

“I’m the new and updated version of ADHD. I allow the host to place their attention to specific tasks provided they eat and maintain a proper select diet and exercise while avoiding nearly all 'added sugar' candies. I also allow the host to begin random hobbies, and this time continue with them provided they follow all of my rules etc.”

So what is so great about ADHO if it’s ostensibly self-limiting like ADHD? Well, when one is finally and properly diagnosed with ADHD otherwise deemed a lost subject to non-affiliation with humanity, it becomes something rather necessary as a sketchy explanation to get by those flowery days when that “sorry, I have ADHD” button can be pressed. Well, is it like Asperger’s or autism? Not quite yet maybe, because ADHD is as simple as it gets. The attention is deficit from doing anything requiring shifting one’s stubborn assimilation processes to shift the most miniscule to the right until abruptly shouting out loud, “OH, I GET IT NOW!”. All while pretending several people within the perimeters haven’t questioned whether they now have a mental illness of some sort, with some candidates guessing which type it might be…narcissistic much? they might think...(not really). The hyperactive part is possibly just a trait that never ran out from when I was a kid. I simply stated “I” instead of “us” as most people reading this might indeed be diagnosed with or have wondered why their not diagnosed with AIDEEAYCHADEE! Besides, what adult really is hyperactive anymore if it doesn’t simply pertain that their attention is simply focused on one thi- a dog just barked…I think I’ll grab those beans now since they’ve cooled down a bit. Should I’ve put that much honey in there? Am I greedy for putting so much honey in those beans instead of agave? ANYWAY, is my attention multiple lines of focused stringent or just one one thought aware and another and another and another? (Before this, I was simply completing my schoolwork when another tab popped open. So…let’s make this part of it. winning I’ve walked back with the beans too, their amazingly delicious because I don’t remember the recipe from the last time [every time]…etc.)

At any rate, how did I finally upgrade from ADHD to ADHO? It began with deciding to consume a red bell pepper and feeling completely amazing. I picked up the active habit of enjoying one red bell pepper per day, and found that my days were becoming cognitively enhanced in the slightest tangible sense. Following that decision, I began to increase my vegetable intake and slowly but surely stamp an end to junk food. Then ceased the artificial flavors, and the soda pop. Out went the “once a week” box of pizza and meat. In came the organic milk and tofu. Then came the grace of the Holy Spirit guiding me to sign up for the fitness classes at Planet Fitness. I became knowledgeable as to what isolated vs. compound exercises were, and routinely made attendance to the gym. Jogging soon came after, and my thinking became clearer and balanced than ever before. I felt like a completely new person. Refined and upgraded. I stopped taking the plethora of “medicines one should take take instead because I'm not licensed to prescribe the ADHD medicine you were taking before”. I then found that prayer, major dietary adjustments, and exercise were mainly what was necessary to suppress the problematic symptoms of ADHD. I began participating in extra-curricular activities, and even signed up for college courses which seemed as a dream before. All forms of social anxiety seemed to yell out “adios!” while my growth in cognitive wellness grew, eluding to proven results and reasoning as to why I insist to enjoy the foods that I do. I began listening to other people’s similar success stories and found that they too are greatly affected by the foods they consume. I’ve found that it may be linked to the chronic asthma that I once had since I was a small child, and the possible long term side effects those inhalers may have on cognitive development. The blue “L” puffer was used multiple times every day for years.

Now that I’ve self-updated the diagnosis from ADHD to ADHO, I may proceed comfortably and with immense gratitude that I now have what’s like psychological galaxies to explore. I plan to use my gift of ADHO to help people who haven’t yet targeted the solution to their own condition whether it be psychological or physical. I can now use all that energy I have, to really make a life-long impact for better in the lives of others, with The Lord being my flashlight through this dark tunnel of a world called “Earth”. If you’ve experienced similar symptoms, it might not really be ADHD, in fact it could be AHO that can be enhanced with proper dietary intake and a bit more exercise. Try that red bell pepper, give it a go. Remember, the four lobed one’s are the one’s best for enjoying raw!


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