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If you are reading this article and quickly navigating between its lines to determine whether it is what you are looking for or not, let me tell you right away that if you are interested in the field of profit from the Internet, or let us allocate it more and be your search for profit from commission marketing or profit from Affiliate marketing, or if you dream of becoming a successful online marketer one day, you have come to the right place.

So slow down and pay attention to every word you read, because you will undoubtedly come out of it knowing everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. And you will be your guide in this magical world, which is to earn money with the least amount of effort, at the lowest cost, and with the least amount of risk. In this field, you have nothing to lose except some time, so it is a project whose only capital is your time and the Internet.

So, what exactly is affiliate marketing? And what skills are required to become a successful marketer? What are your responsibilities in this system? You only need to pay attention to everything in these lines and between them to get out of this article and get to work, let's get started.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business in which you promote another company's product or service in exchange for a commission on the sales that result. Which is usually determined by a percentage of the value of the commodity sold, though sometimes a fixed amount is agreed upon.

Types of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is classified into three types: unaffiliated affiliate marketing, associated affiliate marketing, and embedded affiliate marketing.

1- Affiliate Marketing: In this type of marketing, the marketer advertises the product or service he is promoting but has no involvement with it. Because there is no connection between him and the potential customer or the product, he is exempt from providing an explanation or recommendation and advice.

2- Related Affiliate Marketing: As the name implies, there is a connection between the product and the subsidiary company. Alternatively, there is a link between the affiliate company and the product or service. In this case, the subsidiary company has sufficient experience to generate traffic, and its level of authority establishes it as a trustworthy source. However, the subsidiary makes no claims about the product or service's use.

3- Affiliate Marketing: This type of marketing involves a more intimate relationship between the affiliate company and the product or service being promoted. They have used the product that they are promoting here. In this case, they are confident that others will share their positive experiences, and their advertisement serves as a reliable source of information. On the other hand, because they make recommendations, any issues arising from the offer may jeopardize their reputation.

What makes working in affiliate marketing great?

When you consider working in the field of affiliate marketing, there are two factors that motivate you to do so:

To begin with, it is low in costs and risks: it is logical that when you consider any project in order to profit from it, you must invest a significant amount of money in it, including products, commissions, employees, rent, and other such basic items. All of this, and you're not sure you'll win in the end. However, the chances of profit and loss are the same in this project. On the contrary, all you need in the field of affiliate marketing is a website and access to the Internet. If you failed and did not make a profit, you will almost certainly not incur many losses, other than time and very little money.

Second, it is distinguished by its dealing flexibility: because it is an affiliate marketing agency, he is not required to deal with only one party and promote its products. On the contrary, he can promote the products of multiple companies while earning commissions from each of them.

What is the process of affiliate marketing?

The merchant assigns each affiliate company its own unique link in the commission marketing system so that they can track who is responsible for the sale. And in the event that someone clicks on this link. What happens in this situation? A small file known as a cookie is stored on their device, and the affiliate cookie performs two functions:

1- The merchant knows who is in charge of the sale because of him.

2- The validity date is recorded, so payment is made even if the buyer purchases late.As an example of how it works, suppose someone saw your promotional post about the best winter clothes and clicked on an affiliate link that led to an Amazon product. However, he was unable to complete the purchase process at this time due to his involvement with dates outside the house or for any other reason. And when he returned in the evening, he went back to Amazon to finish the purchase, to find the product again, and while he was there, he decided to buy some other sports supplies. You have arrived in this case of good fortune. Why ? Because when they clicked on your link, they saved a profile on their device. As a result, even though you did not promote winter clothing or sports equipment, you will receive a commission.

How much money or profit can you expect to make as an affiliate marketing agent?

Profit has no specific limit, according to the logical answer to this frequently asked question. The situation here is dependent on your competence and quantity of work done I can only tell you that successful affiliate marketing generates 6 to 7 figures per month.

But keep in mind that these people did not achieve their success without hard work, and it took them several years of struggle to get there. If you're just starting out, don't let frustration get the best of you. Others have persevered and struggled to achieve this level of success. Their success demonstrates that with hard work and proper planning, you will undoubtedly reach these levels one day.

Affiliate marketing advantages and disadvantages:

Affiliate marketing, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages, and we will start with the advantages.

Advantages of working in affiliate marketing.

1- It is simple to get started, and the cost is minimal. You can also join most affiliate programs for free and avoid the costs of storing or shipping products, as well as having little trouble and responsibility.

2- The risk is low: because you are not the product's owner, you will not lose anything if the customer does not purchase.

3- The opportunity for passive income: Working in the field of affiliate marketing offers the opportunity for passive income (passive income is the regular income that an individual receives from a project without financial participation from it or regular presence).

4- Greater freedom: When you start earning passive income, you can work whenever and from wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

The disadvantages of working in affiliate marketing are as follows:

1- It takes a long time: working in the field of affiliate marketing takes a long time to get the amount of traffic you need to make a good living.

2- Less control: Because you do not control the product or service you provide or, more accurately, recommend, you cannot control the quality or the customer experience.

3-Competition and public fatigue: in the sense of competing for customers with others.

4- Risk of link theft: Unscrupulous people may hijack your affiliate links and potentially steal your commission. You may be exposed to dealing with some suspicious companies during this process, and some of them do not pay what they say they will, while it is critical that you do your job well.

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